had the bright idea that they could import guns from Dikar for $18 (? B. Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable. I have tried Lee Moulds 440 Ball R. . The Traditions Springfield Hawken™ is a . 50 cal it was . May 13, 2012 · . Shop online for black powder guns and supplies at Hinterland Outfitters, including black powder rifles, pistols, revolvers and bullets. $712. Powder charge is paramount. S. The rifle has an overall length of 44. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. Haines made some of the very finest rifles produced in Lancaster. Smith. Please see all pictures for details and condition. 13. The Springfield Hawken Rifle has an overall length of 44. then for a BP substitute like Pyrodex, simply use that volume of the substitute. 50 cal. Connecticut valley arms inc. 45 cal. shotgun 6309 Black powder Black Tooth 50 cal. Large database of live auctions. 50 Cal. Interested in Muzzleloading? Midsouth carries everything from the Muzzleloader, Rifle, or Pistol you want, to the Black Powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like Lyman, CVA, Traditions, T/C, Pyrodex, Blackhorn 209, and many more! Sep 27, 2012 · I just read your article regarding the differences between the . . Treso 50 cal. We have a large inventory of antique flintlock rifles for sale, include highly collectible pieces from the U. Thompson/Center Arms™ offers the best in bolt-action rifles, muzzleloaders, hunting accessories, and interchangeable platform guns. Price: $2,099. After a bunch of work it is now pretty decent. Pre-primed cases load with the ease of any centerfire. 00 768025-14-0084 10/16/2014 suffolk va other: other, omega thompson/center arms . The rifle has double-set triggers, but no patch-box or brass "furniture", the trigger guard is painted black, it has an adjustable (for windage & elevation) rear sight and is made in Spain. Mountain Stalker black powder 50 cal. This Traditions™ Kentucky Rifle . 50 caliber / 50 grain Hodgdon brand Triple Seven propellant pellets, a package of Winchester brand W209 Primers and a CVA brand . manufactured a . 22 LR single shot pistol The Hawken rifle is generally shorter and of a larger caliber than earlier Kentucky Rifles. Any good companies to look at? I've seen Knight, CVA, and Thompson on Midway. BPI Connecticut Valley Arms . Uses 209 Primers. 50 caliber rifle, sn: s25057 $300. The gun was made in Spain and is marked 0036935. Needs cleaned up, Has many doink’s & light scratches, needs some love. With Thompson/Center, The Hunt Never Ends. I have what appears to be the SAME older CVA Hawken . Overall 98% with some leading in the bore but looks good in there otherwise. 1923-1929. over-under shotgun/rifle 6308 Remington model Wing Master 870 12 ga. Call us at (877) 214-9327. It’s built more like a centerfire rifle that offers a 50/50 balance over the length of the gun. Jukar made in Spain . A. Use a good patch lube. MODEL IS NOT FOR A CUSTOM-MADE WORK, BUT Mar 30, 2010 · What is the worth of my 50 cal black powder rifle? We are wanting to sell this but dont know its worth and dont want to be ripped off it is a BPI Connecticut Value Arms Inc. It was almost a match to my Pedersoli Flintlock except iso . Made in Spain. He didn't load his rifle but you loaded yours and you know exactly what's in it. Black Powder Rifle with 209 Magnum. "Mountain Rifle" with Douglas barrel. The barrel markings have the following: Made in Spain Black Powder Only Monarch Cal 50 1 CVA MOUNTAIN Rifle Barrel Octagon 50 Cal 15/16 Inch 32 inches Hook Breech - $81. If you chose a gun with a hook breech, your job is easy. Try some FFFG black powder if you can find it. 50 cal rifle, serial. It is 50 caliber. magnium rifle, made in Spain Distributors of black powder muzzle loader and cartridge loading firearms, accessories Traditions Vortek StrikerFire® . Many gun marketers have been touting the capability of using 150-grain powder charges and enhancing velocities in excess of 2,200 feet per second. Break-action Muzzleloader Outfit, Black / Stainless Steel. 50 Caliber Rifle L-Handed. 5 Piece Black Powder Ramrod Accessory Set 10x32 USA Black Mountain Magnum - Percussion - 50 Cal by Thompson Center Stk# P-28-27 GI#: 101343026 This . CVA Magbolt 150 - . It is an in-line style. From those early beginnings, CVA developed a reputation for providing guns and accessories that provide our customers with the best values available. 45 cal and one in . The rifle also comes complete with classic brass embellishments and inlaid solid brass patch box. 50 caliber 42" Green Mountain barrel, L&R flintlock, faux stripe maple, traditional iron & brass trim. If a blk. 50 Caliber Muzzleloader Kit starts with an unfinished select hardwoods stock and octagonal white 33-1/2'' barrel. 45 caliber is about right in a fest twist barrel like Whites 1-20. Sportsman's Guide has your CVA Wolf 209 Magnum . Muzzleloader parts. I made inquiries of several black powder rifle after-markets and learned that no one made a replacement lock for the gun. CVA Wolf 209 Magnum . 50 caliber rifle, but this was not tested, please preview for the best assessment. Repeat this step until all cylinders containing black powder have been loaded with a ball. 50 CAL BLACK Powder Barrel - $51. A few days ago my Brother gave me an old black powder rifle that belonged to my Dad. The good news Or if I bored it to . All items 132040 of 209488: 6. Pair of 1 Inch Black Powder Rifle/Pistol Flints New Hand Knapped New Listing Vintage Jukar Spain 45 Cal Black Powder Pistol Vintage Black Powder Horn For Muzzleloaders - Muzzleloading Rifles, Muzzleloader Optics, Muzzloading Accessories - Blackpowder Rifles, Blackpowder Guns - In Season special buys on muzzleloading rifles, big disounts on optics, bargain bin accessories The rifle also comes complete with classic brass embellishments and inlaid solid brass butt plate. There is a weight of black powder that fits into a volume…. Also what are some good things to look for/know about prior to purchase? Nov 17, 2014 · Connecticut valley arms black powder only . This enables this rifle to securely and efficiently burn up to about 200 grains, contrasted with a maximum of 150 grains of powder in some other best muzzleloaders. We stock a full range of muzzleloading supplies, including bullet starters, cappers, cleaning gear, flasks, and more. Start out with 40-45 gr powder and work from there 5 gr at a time, until you find what the rifle likes. : Black powder and muzzleloading firearms are fun. 6 Nov 2019 Buy BPI – CVA Bobcat muzzleloader black powder rifle . 12. It has a SN#000386 so it seems to be early. The . All are accurate in scale and detail. rifle, i'm looking for loading info on this gun because I understand that it may have certain powder to be used. 00. Percussion cap Black Powder Barrel . P. 32-caliber muzzleloading squirrel rifles. Although an attempt has been made to describe the firearms as accurately as possible there may be details or defects not found on initial inspection. Detailed instructions are furnished with each rifle to aid you in matching original wood and metal finish. 50 caliber CVA Gamster Hawken with a 28 inch barrel. 1 Cva Mountain Rifle 50 Cal Percussion Octagon Barrel NOS. Seat the ball firmly against the black powder. Buy Muzzleloaders, Black Powder Guns & Accessories at Bass Pro Shops. magnium rifle, made in Spain 6310 Black powder Black Tooth 50 magnium rife, made in Spain 6311 Sturn & Ruger over-under red label 12 ga. Hi all today I went to a local gun shop (bad idea for me)and they had a used sidelock labeled Jonathon Browning . hawken conn valley arms 50 cal. Oct 09, 2019 · Black Powder. 27-1/2” for CVA SUGGESTED BLACK POWDER LOADS - Davide Pedersoli & C. 016" cotton denim patching material cut at the muzzle and using a thin over-powder wad seated solidly on the powder charge. Complete with an in-line slide bolt action and quiet thumb safety, this rifle is easy to use. Made in Spain from Antiques and Uncle Junks Shop Cabela's collection of black powder guns and black powder shooting supplies, featuring powder rifles, pistols, bullets and loading accessories. Product Owner Manuals Back to Support. It shoots . Leman Indian Trade Rifle, . 7. The powder charge required for accuracy in fast twist barrels is always smaller than in slow twist barrels. Add $25 for shipping and 3% CC fee for Credit Card Payments. The maximum load capacity is 25 grains of GOEX Black Powder when using a 130 grain conical. ACCURA V2 . 490 patched round ball good. All I see on the rifle is Jukar made in spain. 50 caliber Black Mountain Magnum rifle has a blued tapered round 1" to 7/8" x 26" barrel with 1:28 twist and fitted a Williams adjustable peep rear sight and fiber optic Click for more info Black Powder Rifles . 50 caliber kentucky rifle (black powder) in great condition only fired once or twice made in spain on barrel Rifle black powder 50 cal. 50 cal made in Spain black powder only sharpshooter with designs . AAS-559 Henry E. T/C helped give the modern muzzleloading scene a big boost when they introduced their Hawken in 1970. 00 768020-14-0030 2/23/2016 stafford va other: other, a black glock pistol case with two . With an OAL of only 37" it is short and handy in the thickets where I like to deer hunt. black powder pistol what is a cva hawkins 50 caliber muzzleloader made in spain; thought all flinters were junk based on CVA kit locks made in Spain; Conn Valley Arms "made in Sportsman's Guide has your CVA Optima V2. 45 caliber in-line. Would like to know how old it is and a few other things about it. 14. Appears to have been fired only a few times. 50 $45. 28 inches long, 15/16 wide. I. It does not appear to be a kit gun. I bought a Springfield Hawken 50 cal. black powder only rifle. This black powder Made in Spain. Auctioneers you may post your Auction listings FREE! Search by Area - Auctioneer - Category - Keyword. We used to shoot it using a measure for the powder. wondering if somebody might have the slightst notion on what a Austin & Halleck 420 (50 cal)Weston Mo made inline black powder rifle might be worth?? It was given to me not knowing if it could be salvaged. The 28" barrel has rust pits 6" from the muzzle. The bore is in good condition with 65% of the bluing and sharp rifling. Metric threads were installed on some barrels in place of the proper ¼-28 threads for nipples. The Traditions Vortek striker- fired in-line muzzleloader shoots more like a GLOCK than it does your average flintlock, yet the high-tech rifle can still be used during those extra days of hunting season when the center-fire rifles and shotguns are forbidden. The Traditions™ St. Company. There is a solid breech plug in the back because it is a side port. It has a few nicks and dings but is still in good working condition. Sportsman's Guide has tons of Black Powder Rifles and Muzzleloaders for every Black Powder Hunter. Be sure to wash if to get the sizing out. Loading Unsubscribe from 1picafoto? . 24 Jun 2009 Black Powder and Cowboy Action Shooting. It features a full-length walnut stock with a solid brass patch box, beautiful brass ornamentation and a brass toe plate. it has a black octigon barrel with beautiful wood and metal inlay throughout. V. I purchased my . Full stock, one piece, nice light colored walnut, double set triggers. 45 or . 50 caliber No. A. Traditions Vortek StrikerFire LDR Muzzleloading Rifle 50 Caliber 30 List Price: $ Traditions 1858 Army Redi-Pak Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber 8" B Another attorney's report details how a man purchased a new CVA . Cleaning single shot muzzleloading guns. davide-pedersoli B-14 RIDGE RIFLE. 45 cal black powder pistol marked Jukar Spain buyer to make own arrangments for shipping we will provide #'s if need Item was passed PR0500 Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - . To access the owner's manual for your firearms, please select from the drop down menu below, or locate your product on the Traditions Firearms site under Muzzleloaders or Shotguns and Classic Rifles. MI, 2001 model . 50 caliber Black Mountain Magnum rifle has a blued tapered round 1" to 7/8" x 26" barrel with 1:28   The Hawken rifle is a muzzle-loading rifle built by the Hawken brothers that was used on the The Hawken "plains rifle" was made by Jacob and Samuel Hawken, in their St. With the double set triggers and heavy octagonal barrel you know this will be a tack driver. Apr 14, 2012 · Thompson/Center Renegade Black Powder Rifle Yesterday I took a vacation day, went down to my club, and shot the Thompson/Center Renegage rifle which I'd picked up earlier in the week. 50 caliber or . , Valley arms Hunter . Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. Since I shoot loose powder, I need a powder measure as well as a powder flask. Thompson Center Arms . Find muzzleloaders and black powder rifles in all calibers from a variety of manufacturers at CTD. I broke the tang off and I cannot find a place to buy replacements. Thompson Center Contender . 50 caliber with a 21" barrel rifled in a 1 - 20" twist for conicals and saboted pistol bullets. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. The Guide's selection of Muzzleloaders and Black Powder Rifles comes from the top brands in the industry and at the lowest guaranteed prices! The Hawken rifle company was sold in 1862, and the last rifle actually made by a Hawken was built in 1884. I think all he ever shot was RB in it, He lost his sight soon after he got it so never got to use it like he wanted I know. Final black powder proof for double barrel breech loading rifles. Black Powder only Spain Kentucky. These two guns are Jan 26, 2014 · There is one difference between the newly bought rifle of Rugerla and you. 016455, barrel length 25 1/2", overall length 40", brass trigger guard  Traditions Deerhunter Flintlock Muzzleloading Rifle 50 Caliber 24" Cerakote Traditions Sportsman's Package for 44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver Shooters. 50 caliber inline, a package of . The packing rod is still attached and is thought to be a . Louis, Missouri shop, which they ran from Their "Rocky Mountain" guns were typically . 015 patch. 50cal serial number 006638 could you please give me current value Rifle, . You can only fit 30 grains of GOEX Black Powder into the chamber with an 80 grain ball. Trying to find out the value of a Jukar Spain Black Powder Only Pistol Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth?Forum' started by tlc1026, Oct 9, 2009. Thats all we used when I was younger. Bargain, this is taking up space! C. the ram rod is included below barrel with a silver flint mechanism, probably post-period. this is an impressive 58" long 50 calibre rifle. There is an example of a percussion Kentucky/ Pennsylvania long rifle in a local shop that is marked DIKAR made in Spain 50 cal. It is the double trigger. Traditions Product Owner Manuals. Got my dads 50 cal it is in like new condition. Thanks for the info on marking, however I have . hawken, 50 cal. I would like to know the correct projectile to get a mould made to suit. The best way to remove the surface rust is by using a brass scraper made from a flattened fired,  I have a . F/Base Conicals and Minie - all with poor accuracy. 50 caliber rifle as you have!!! My target load (for paper punching) is 47 grains of Swiss or Goex FFFg Black Powder shooting a . and Europe. Louis Hawken is . CHECK OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE PARTS FROM THIS GUN. This excellent tin shows most of optima . offered here is a spanish 50 caliber black powder musket rifle. 50 cal rifle S/N 61-13-058737-01 The firearms are purchased as is and without warranty. Generally F is a very coarse powder used for the largest of calibers, while FF is usually the recommended choice for 50 caliber muzzleloaders. com. Picked one up at and an antique store. I am looking for the complete hammer assembly for the Ardesa Spain 50 Cal. Full of a unique history all their own, we maintain large collection of antique long guns for sale at Collectors Firearms. Final and single black powder proof of single barrel smothbored breechloading guns. Bergara has quickly become one of the most respected barrel makers in the world. Remove the barrel from the stock (always use a proper size brass tool to knock out the wedges) and remove the nipple. Buy Spain Blazer . is a member of MONDRAGON Corporation within the Equipment Division. 490 balls if it is a . Barrel sports a 1 in 66'' twist. 8. Made between 1960's thru now. Break-action Muzzleloader Outfit, Black / Stainless Steel available at a great price in our Black Powder Rifles collection Aug 21, 2008 · We don't know much about this one except it looks nice, so get it out of hereits a Heritage Black Powder 50 caliber rifle, made in Spain, percussion, with a 20 inch barrel. Rifle is stainless finish with a black synthetic stock, and is equipped with a fact Click for more info The only thing on the gun is Ardesa Spain, 50Cal, Black Powder. 27 - Lyman Black Powder Rifle, 50 cal, Trade Rifle 28 - Traditions Model Lighting Black Powder Rifle, 50 cal, 3 x 9 Tasco Scope 29 - Sheridan Silver Streak Air Rifle, 5 mm cal, K-4 Weaver Scope 30 - Thompson Center Black Powder Rifle, 50 cal 31 - Browning Air Rifle, 22 cal, Pellet 32 - Matchlock Black Powder Rifle, 45 cal 33 - Navy Arms Black Jukar Spain . Unfortunately, most Howdah Pistols were chambered for black powder cartridges (which are prone to corrosion), so finding early flintlock pistols like a Howdah in pristine condition today is extremely difficult. These are very simple and eliminate the need for a powder flask and powder measure. Black Powder Rifle. Black Powder/Muzzleloader Firearms Parts · Muzzleloader Nipples · Muzzleloader Ramrods · Miscellaneous Muzzleloader Parts. The most important thing for me was down range performance. You will be required to show proof of a Federal Firearms License. The rifle includes the rod. 50 caliber percussion rifle sporting a 28" uncured octagonal barrel. ARMSLIST does not become involved in transactions between parties. Brass Black Powder Gun Flask Civil War Scene Cannon Flags Rifle Made in Italy. 50 Cal black powder rifle with a nice stainless barrel which will make maintenance easy. black powder rifle (Spain) serial number 257437 and would like to know how old it is and approximate value. A custom made brass range rod with a "T" handle, or a steel . Find Flintlock antique long guns and antique air rifles among our extensive stock. I tried to search on Google with no luck. Manufactured in Bergara, Spain, and being used by numerous top-tier gun manufacturers in both Europe and the United States, we have combined the most technically advanced barrel manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and an unwavering commitment to quality to become a company You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. Up for sale is a (CVA) Connecticut Valley Arms 50 caliber frontier rifle. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. 40 cal magazines $0. About us; Back ground; Mission; Job offers; Indirizzo PEC pedersolidavidesnc@pec. Eibar. May 03, 2014 · I recently purchased a connecticut valley arms 50 cal black powder ill post pics of the gun and markings. 45 caliber, 44" octagon-to-round barrel, curly maple, brass, Siler lock, sliding wood patchbox, double phase single set trigger, signed by BRJ-13-81 . 25 6307 Stevens model 22-410 cal. Our Isaac Haines rifle is of the style that was made in Lancaster in the late 1770's or early 1780's. It has the wood stock (tiger maple) but has some blemishes but not bad but everything else is Getting ready to start shooting muzzleloaders again. 50 cal black powder rifle Howto (debunked) - Duration: 9:48. 1:32 TWIST rifle. 50 cal 28" Barrel Full Realtree Edge Camo with Western style, quick draw holster made to fit most Colt SSA, Colt clones and This original Remington 1879 Argentine Rolling Block Rifle, in . A reasonable starting point for a black powder charge in a muzzleloading rifle is the caliber. Next to it is the cal. Discount retailer of black powder guns, including black powder muzzleloading rifles and black powder revolvers. I have a Traditions Spain 50 cal black powder only #14796. Description: An excellent example of a Curtiss and Harvey smokeless "Amberite" powder can. Working artillery, fully operational cannons. So I am looking to purchase a black powder rifle, around 26" barrel, . pdr. For lube you can use saliva, Hoppe's #9Plus, Bore Butter, or just plain Crisco to start. 53 caliber, but ranged as high as . The Ardesa website does not currently show this model, but is similar to the Ranger’s stock model. Break-action  The Thompson line of black powder rifles is one of the most affordable ways to get started shooting muzzleloaders. 6 oz. 50 cal round ball shots, and preferably flintlock-style (this isn't a requirement but definitely preferred). This gun does not require a transfer to a FFL, ships straight to your home! CW Outfitters 252-210-3007 Classifieds listings of Muzzle Loaders in Missouri. The overall design and quality of the Model 700 usually tower higher making it great option available and a fantastic choice for any individual who desires to utilize a dark powder An accurate rifle-bullet-powder combination will easily shoot 1-inch groups at 50 yards and 3-inch groups at 100. smooth bore, 2 1/8"X1 1/2"X4", 4 lbs, 9" barrel, 11 1/2" long. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Dikar Spain . 1 bid. 50 cal Black/Blued R44003470. 50 cal used. All of their guns are designed and assembled in their state-of-the art production facility located in the little town of Bergara in northern Spain - a region that has been famous for gun-making for hundreds of years. Always comply with local, state, federal, and international law. Black Powder Forum and Message Board - For all blackpowder pistols, rifles, revolvers - authentic weapons, replica / reproduction black powder guns, all makes - Colt, Remington, Ruger, Enfields, Zouave, Kentucky, Le Page and more Aug 01, 2011 · These are two different forms of black powder acceptable for your gun. 50 cal conical, . Nov 20, 2010 · Jukar - Spain - 50 Caliber Black Powder Long Rifle 1picafoto. Kit also features brass furniture, fixed blade sights, a percussion style hammer, trigger guard, and wooden Mini Old Ironsides Kit British Guns proved no match for the deck guns of the USS Constitution. This . Evolution . In independent testing Felt Wads have drastically improved pattern density over conventional wads by as much as 100%. What year was it made? Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. By continuing, you're providing your consent. FOR BLACK POWDER SHOTGUNS: These take the place of the over powder card and cushion wad combination. 00 Kentucky Rifle Ramrod for 45cal “It’s more than a rifle---it’s history” Original Hawken Rifle Kits Original Hawken kits - Kits are available 95% inlayed requiring only minimal hand tools and patience to do the final fitting. It could have had either a sliding wood or brass patchbox. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term. If you are looking to dabble in black powder rifle shooting, with a gun that is reliable, simple to use and maintain, you’re not too bothered about historical accuracy, and you don’t want to break the bank, then the XLT merits serious consideration. 45 cal black powder pistol, SN:12427. CVA Black Powder Hawken . Nicely refinished BP rifle with polished brass fittings and stock plate. 45 caliber. This rifle will be fun and affordable to shoot, if you don’t have a black powder rifle yet this is the one you need. Does anyone have any suggestions for replacement parts? 113 results for black powder rifle Save black powder rifle to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. (1 set) Firing pin retainer-bushing set for Break –Action Muzzleloaders made in Replacement QRBP for CVA Wolf Optima and Accura V2 Muzzleloader Rifles. They are made with premium materials and are designed to look and function just like the real cannons. 45 cal and the . The rifle is a now-discontinued Traditions "Buckskinner" . Shop our vast selection and save! Estate guns - Antique Guns- Black Powder Guns - Antique Ammo - Regular Ammo - Reload items - and Knives Our site uses cookies to optimize your experience. Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Price $200. This rifle is stamped "Made in USA", it is not the lighter made in Spain barrel. This is a discussion on Armsport Black Powder Info within the Rifles forums, part of the Long Gun Forum category; Im new here. 50 Cal. 50 cal? black If you expect to use these as "Range Rods," however, you may wish to reconsider. The Vortek line is extremely easy to load for pellet or loose powder shooters and performs well with different powder charges. 45 and caplock Pedersoli. shotgun 6312 Winchester model 12 12 ga. 9 Jul 2019 6141 Weatherby Vanguard model Winchester 270 cal. 50 cal black powder rifle, SN:K134952. the rifle has a double trigger. 490 Hornady swaged, patched rifle ball using . Made in Spain, 1:32 Twist. Own and build your own piece of history. 50 cal muzzleloader and I cannot agree more. Coop. 018" 100% cotton patch. black powder muzzle loader barrels NOTICE to owners of GMRB’s “Drop-In” barrels: There is a possibility that the nipple on your rifle is defective. Security Safes, Ammunition, Accessories, Reloading Supplies, Range and Gear Bags. CVA Optima V2. User’s Guide for Black Powder Products This booklet contains important how-to information on the use and maintenance of black powder products and accessories including: • Flintlock and Caplock - How They Work • Black Powder Loads and Specifications • Shooting Tips–Round Ball and Conicals • Basics of Bullet Casting • Disassembly Treso Black Powder Rifle Flask Spout Assortment Usa Made 10mm X 1mm 117702-29 Vintage Rh Spain Small Black Powder Rifle Percussion Lock Muzzleloader 50 Cal Final and single black powder proof of double muzzleloading shotguns. As a rifle became worn from use, with accumulated corrosion from firing black powder causing the bore to enlarge, it was not uncommon to see many rifles re-bored and re-rifled to larger calibers, to keep the rifle shooting accurately. Black powder rifle Spain serial number 257437 and would like to know how old it is and approximate value. What is the range of powder charge for this gun. 21 Sep 2014 down to me a CVA Hawken 50 caliber rifle that was made in spain. 44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver. 50, would it cause safety concerns? blunderbuss2, 3 years ago. L. Oct 26, 2012 · What is the value of a Hopkins Allen 41 caliber black powder derringer that was made in Spain serial 50 Rifle was made in Spain for Connecticut Valley Arms. 50 caliber bore proved more efficient, and with the same amount of powder and shooting a saboted bullet of the same weight, the . $28. Distributors of black powder muzzle loader and cartridge loading firearms, accessories, kits, cannons, and conversion cylinders. 60 grains of black powder We are pleased to offer synthetic ramrods, made of ebony black colored space-age synthetic Delrin nylon. This black powder substitute could be used for shotguns and rook rifles but not rifles. 45 Caliber Big Game Muzzleloader: Can't, Won't, Can Do's and a Surprise or Two By Randy D. 490" ball, and a . Has 33 12 bbl,,full length stock. Something has broke inside the assembly and the hammer will not set. Black Powder Pelvic Hanger Creations $45. It sits in a closet. 45 barrel with a 1200mm twist and a length of 782mm. It is a Connecticut Valley Arms Sharpshooter . I know absolutely nothing about black powder rifles. 45 grains of black powder in a 45 caliber rifle, etc. SN=167675 for sale by STP GUNS on GunsAmerica - 992229801 Get . 54 caliber. Italy Black Powder Rifle, Made in Italy for Charles Daly , . I have a Connecticut Valley Arms (Spain) black powder . If you are looking for a good, basic hunting rifle, the Haines in 50 or 54 caliber is hard Sams On-Line Store, We sell new and used Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, and Revolvers. Our Assessment: This is a well made . This rifle has been used on several hunting trips over the years. 50 cal Italian made muzzleloader with out any manufaturer name. It is a cal . Previous. Mar 30, 2010 · What is the worth of my 50 cal black powder rifle? We are wanting to sell this but dont know its worth and dont want to be ripped off it is a BPI Connecticut Value Arms Inc. The item “Thompson Center Hawken Barrel 50 Cal 29 T/C Black Powder Percussion” is in sale since Wednesday, December 18, 2019. 50 Cal Muzzleloading Rifle using the 209 Primer ignition system, with a 27 inch Bergara Barrel. 50 Cal Black Powder: GunBroker is the largest seller of Black Powder Rifles & Muzzleloader Rifles Black Powder & Muzzleloaders All The Traditions Pennsylvania Black Powder Rifle is a period accurate muzzleloader that is great for Revolutionary War reenactments or even hunting. 015" to . We carry a wide variety of CVA parts along with ASM and Pietta. The group also includes the affiliates BPI/BPF and the QUAKE in Lawrenceville (Georgia, USA). Brownells is your source for Muzzleloader,Blackpowder at Brownells parts and accessories. CA Legal or CA Private Party Transferable: This rifle can be sold to anyone 18 years of age with valid ID. Been so long we can't remember how much. I was wondering if anyone. It weighs only 6 lbs 0. In the following years, with my growing interest in Black Powder shooting, I learned to shoot with one of the most accurate rifles for 50m percussion tournaments, the “Waadtländer”. They give you a sense of the frontier days and the old west. Probably 5 to 6 out of Ardesa Spain 45 cal black powder rifle. Been around plenty of guns but I have acquired a Armsport Inc, Made In Italy Black Powder Kentuckian Rifle 45cal. 50 caliber Load 65gr. Made in Spain either. 45 cal rifle in 1999, but not until I had done exhaustive research on the subject. 50 cal rifle, serial No. 32 to . 00 Brand Riverside Seller tpar Available on Cal Guns Location Spain Description [b]Make: Traditions (made in Spain) [b]Model: Pioneer [b]Caliber: 50 black powder Sep 25, 2015 · I have a 50 Cal muzzle loader that the only markings are Ardesa Spain 50 cal Black Powder Only with the following serial number 016493. - KonusPro 3-10x44 IR Scope and Case Outfit. Old South Firearms is family owned and operated and we are very knowledgeable concerning our products. 00 Take full advantage of competitively priced muzzleloader kits, parts and black powder accessories from Cabela's that are exceptional for creating a more reliable ignition system. The barrel is made in Spain. Unfollow black powder rifle to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. 43 Spanish  Muzzleloader Parts. Pillow ticking (all cotton) works great for the patch material. It’s double your effective range and twice as easy to use. 50 cal, made in Italy. Three in . FFg, . This is a CVA . We carry Traditions. Our Rifle/Scope/Case Outfits include a gun with KONUS® scope, mounted with a genuine DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ one-piece mount and ready to travel in a CVA padded soft case. I loved the rifle, hated the lock. 45 caliber black powder. If you have used the proper amount of black powder and the right size ball there should be about 1/8 of an inch of space left in the top of the cylinder. The muzzleloader has been redefined, with super-magnum power and 300-yard lethal range as achieved by the revolutionary U. Jukar (Made in Spain) black powder rifle. Build yourself a classic with this do it yourself kit. Cva Kentucky Pistol Kit Instructions Read/Download Traditions offers a complete line of muzzleloader rifle and pistol kits that are Easy to read conn valley arms 50 cal. 94. Final black powder proof for single barrel breech loading Mar 14, 2018 · My Waadtländer has been built in 1992 and was the rifle of my dad. FFFF grade black powder is needed in order to prime the muzzleloader. 11 Dec 2015 Ardesa Spain reproduction cap & ball black powder . 50 cal made May 13, 2009 · This Springfield 50 cal. 00 $2. Most Howdah Pistols were custom made in the same caliber as the rifle that the hunter carried, though this was not always the case. 1-20 twist. To conserve lead on the frontier, smaller calibers were often preferred, ranging often from about . 50 cal, double set triggers, 29 barrel, SN 131693 Items in the Worthopedia® are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members’ research needs. It is important to note that Black Powder does not compress like Pyrodex. Authentically-styles carriage and barrel. It is a 50 cal. Percussion Kentucky Pistol. The good news, quality repros can sell for almost as much as The flint is smaller than normal flints, and the jaws of the action are too small and too weak to reliably hold the flint. Star SA . 50 cal black powder rifle. The hard wood stock has no cracks or repairs, just the usual handling marks. I've got EXACTLY the same rifle a . 50 cal 27" SS Nitride with Realtree APG Thumbhole Stocks - . For Sale: . There are also three other grades of black powder that can be used to load the firearm: F, FF, and FFF. states "Blackpowder Products, Inc. 50 cal CVA, serial # 61-13-158677-01, injured 03/29/2002, case  Premium CeraKote Finish helps protect the rifle against corrosion from black powder, cleaning chemicals, and weather. you already own by trying out the latest gun parts on a replica of your rifle. 50 Kentucky Rifle Nose Cap Screw for 45cal - P261 $2. Then what appears to be a crest of arms but I cannot clearly identify the marking. 440 balls if it is a . Powder Pistol. Here at Deer Creek Products we specialize in all your muzzleloading needs. Dec 20, 2009 · I can't tell which company might have made your rifle, but as far as a starting load, try 50 grains of 3fg black powder or an equivalent volume of Pyrodex RS, a . It has a single trigger, adjustable rear sight and brass hardware, my questions are who manufactured these (my first thought was Lyman) and if anyone knows what the He worked into the 1790's. assumes no liability for any products manufactured or barrel Spanish muzzleloaders as well, mostly made by Ardesa of Spain. M. Mar 16, 2011 · it is a prairie rifle first made in 1821, this is a Repo and made by connecticut valley firearms,from Spain. Black powder users, rejoice! You're sure to find your new favorite black powder rifle among the options here at CheaperThanDirt. 50 cal Mountain Rifle it shows a lot of use but not abuse, bore is clean and not rusted the nipple area shows no rust. Wesson 32 cal made in Spain Dec 17, 2009 · Value of an Ardesa Spain 50 cal muzzle loader rifle Muzzle loader with the marking on it that says c28 jb made in Spain sn 42834 i want to know about this ardesa Spain black powder se no CVA was founded way back in 1971, specializing in traditional side-lock muzzleloading rifles and build-it-yourself rifle kits. 50 caliber percussion rifle sporting a 28" octagonal blued barrel and custom wooden ramrod. And a # ser I guess. It was popular in the mid-nineteenth century. 5" and weighs in at 7 7/8 lbs. com)- Guns come and go on the replica market, but two that have had some staying power are Traditions’ . The range of accurate velocities is also much more limited. 209 primer ignition rifles of the late 1990s always gave higher velocity (and energy levels) than the same model rifle in . Site contains full listings, photos, Auctioneer links and information. Although popular with mountain men and hunters of the fur trade era, up through the mid part of the 19th century, muzzleloaders were generally replaced by mass-produced, breech-loading weapons such as the Sharps rifle and the Winchester rifle. 6. Powder can be black powder, Pyrodex RS, Triple Seven 2f, even  Shop Cabela's collection of black powder guns and black powder shooting supplies, Pietta Model 1851 Confederate Navy . This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Hunting\Vintage Hunting\Black Powder”. any idea of value or any info on weapon at all would be helpful. Picatinny rail bases installed for Ring and Scope Mounting. Greener Belgium steel double barrel shotgun, gauge unknown. Here is our quick and easy guide to help you clean your muzzleloader the proper way. This is my Daughters boyfriends Ardesa Spain 45 cal black powder rifle. Barrel length is 28". shotgun 6313 Marlin Mini Cannon Tech's miniature cannons are the real deal! Our mini cannons are built to fire with real gun powder and mini cannon balls. What is the age of this Made between 1960's thru now. The term "Hawken rifle" technically referred to rifles made by Jacob and Samuel Hawken of St Louis, Missouri but was often used generically to refer to a variety of "Plains Rifles or Mountain Rifles" of the period. 22 LR semi-auto pistol, SN:1344406. Its missing. The slightly smaller . rifle 6142 SAS 6309 Black powder Black Tooth 50 cal. a . 50 caliber Complete Muzzleloading Accessory Outfit at a chain store, according to the receipt. It has the proof marking date BA with the other two proof marks. 5" and weighs 7 7/8 lbs. : GunBroker is the largest seller of Black Powder Rifles  Results 1 - 16 of 16 EVERYTHING SHIPS FREE FREE SHIPPING FOR CLUB MEMBERS, ALL ORDERS $49+. How to Clean a Muzzleloader (Black Powder Rifle). Ignition System and 50-caliber Premier® AccuTip bullets. I picked up another rifle in Spokane in October. 50 caliber black powder rifle, made in spain, sn: 61-13-026422-11, with scope $200. Founded in 1980 and with headquarters based in Bergara (Spain), Dikar S. Hello all, new to black powder rifles. Jul 07, 2019 · Central Georgia –-(Ammoland. 50 cal 1/28", old saybrook, ct made in spain by ardesa black powder gun, NEW still in box. 490 round ball or . ; black powder only; and made in Italy. A Jukar black powder rifle, also referred to as the “Kentucky rifle”, has a solid wooden and cast metal body. Rifle and 50 Caliber Muzzleloader Pistol: Interested in Muzzleloading? Midsouth carries everything from the Muzzleloader, Rifle or 50 Caliber Muzzleloader Pistol you want, to the Black Powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like Lyman, CVA, Traditions, T/C, Pyrodex, Blackhorn 209, and many more! Traditions canyon . Whether its black powder kits and accessories or complete black powder guns CVA Optima. Every barrel they use is also made in Bergara at the Bergara Barrels® factory. Very strong, flexible, you . 50 caliber machine gun cleaning rod are much more practical for the time when you need to pull that ball that didn't go anywhere because your powder wouldn't ignite. 50 cal Realtree AP Camo/CeraKote R67113353 Tracker 209 . E. If groups are wider with the above loads, reduce powder charge by 5- to 10 grains. Hawken is in good condition and shoots fine. Armsport Black Powder Info. Explore the verity of trusted brands like CVA, Hornady, Traditions, Thompson Center and more. The compressibility of Pyrodex offers a significant advantage in revolvers. I just had the nipple replaced (see last 2 pics) after this years hunting season and test fired it upon return. 45 Cal Black Powder Only Pistol. Discount gun dealer of Traditions Firearms, including Traditions muzzle loader rifles, Traditions black powder guns, Traditions performance firearms, and Traditions black powder supplies. 00 AAS-628 Pennsylvania Longrifle , . Pellets are preformed cylinders of powder which are usually premeasured at 30 and 50 grains. Most black powder muzzleloaders come with instructions that emphatically warn “Even though it's called a black powder gun and the instructions say to only. In many states, there's also an extra hunting season for those willing to use these "out of date" weapons. Two Felt Wads over the powder and one overshot have produced excellent results in most guns. If you're interested in hunting with muzzleloading rifles you have, no doubt, read the ads espousing the extreme performance capabilities of the high velocity, . I have an Ardesa Hawken Creedmore rifle in 451 cal. Tell us what else you do know and the Antiques Appraiser will be able to better assist you. 68 caliber. For example, a charge of 30-50 grains Black Powder or Pyrodex equivalent in . 50 cal black powder rifle made in spain