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The 1911 is already a very accurate gun, and the natural point of aim and moderate recoil only contribute to it being an even more accurate gun in the right hands. On this page you will Find lots of helpful hints for making a purchase of a USGI Model 1911. I also have an old Navy Colt 1911 (not an A1) that was passed to me from a relative. is the most recognized name in vintage firearm restoration, period correct metal finishes such as traditional color case hardening, charcoal bluing, rust bluing and nitre bluing, as well as custom reproductions of iconic firearms such as Winchester 1886 and Colt 1911. Neben der  11 Nov 2019 Arctic front hits on same day as the Great Blue Northern of 1911. 5 Nov 10, 2013 · At the heart of the new Turnbull 1911 is the finish of the gun. It can also be done to change the finish from blued to parkerized or plated finish. however it's not the same as bluing. ” At this point, insufficient pistols have been examined to determine the point when full bluing occurred and the chamber area was no longer in the white. Our Classic Carry 1911 pistol reflects vintage styling cues combined with modern firearm performance enhanced by state-of-the-art ergonomics. We also offer FFL gun transfers and a full machine shop for all your custom gun needs. Catdad, go buy a Birchwood-Casey rebluing kit. 40 years in the industry, we take care of all your firearms customization and finishing under It must be stressed that between 2003 and 2009 Colt produced two replicas of the "Model of 1911" in . Instead you get a deep, dark and even blued finish that will impress. Bluing is a thin protective shell of black iron oxide (Fe3O4) intended to provide nominal protection against rusting for gun metal. IBM wird am 16. The Classic Carry is a top-grade 1911 build that delivers the hand-crafted fit you would expect from an elite gunsmith, available with either traditional bluing or a hard chrome finish. Brownells is your source for Bluing at Brownells parts and accessories. Can be done at home. CHF 1' 060. 00; Additional Features Shown - Light weight Alloy frame; Ion-Bond Matte Finish; Novak wide notch rear sight with Gold Bead front post Two-part kit achieves a durable, beautiful, black finish on complete guns or dinged-up areas on damaged ones without expensive equipment. Brubaker Arms provides classic express rust bluing. True gun bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating resulting from an oxidizing chemical reaction with iron on the surface selectively forming magnetite (Fe 3 O 4), the black oxide of iron. Then, use the steel wool to apply the cold blue solution. Took them to When to Restore a 1911. - Ihr Spezialist für Ersatzteile, Pflege & Tuning. Following its success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, when it was designated Model of 1911, later changed to Model 1911, in 1917, and then M1911, in the mid-1920s. Basic Facts Of The RIA 1911. Custom Polish Finish – We hand polish the metal to a 400-grit finish with a lengthwise hand polish. Bluing is a passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust, and is named after the blue-black appearance of the resulting protective finish. I shot a few magazines of plinking ammo through it, it was nice. IIRC the salts and stuff weren't that expensive. Big, heavy and only 8 rounds. Add to Cart. Dury opened a small gun shop in downtown San Antonio. I have three small areas where the bluing has already worn off, and I’ve used two different types of cold blue to attempt to cover these areas but I haven’t seen the cold blue have any affect at all, so I wonder if I’m not doing something correctly. Having seen some nice parkerized finishes, my goal was to remove the bluing and parkerize it. *some severe pitting, gouges, etc. Turnbull  Norinco corporation applies a nearly black and sometimes uneven bluing to their products, like this M1911A1 slide. Here at the Gun Bluing Specialty Shop. The Parkerizing process cannot be used on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, or copper. Shop our vast selection and save! It can be found online. Shumaker Gun Works offers a full range of gunsmithing services including general repair, bluing, gunkote, accurizing, and custom built rifles and handguns. A question to all the 1911 experts. 18. This process most closely matches the bluing done during the 1911/1912 time frame. Accurate. Ihr Warenkorb ist leer. This is the best one I have seen. To start with, the frame has to be stripped down to nothing. We specialize in bluing all types of guns to like-original condition. APW is now offering deep laser engraving as well as NFA engraving. Within the first year we were honored to receive many custom orders and began to concentrate on building Collector Grade Limited Editions, Custom Bullseye Guns, and Custom Carry Packages on the 1911 and 2011 platform. 5 reviews. com and Np3, Roguard, Polyt2, as non of the wear tests perform up to Acoating. A History of Gunsmithing Services. A chorus of colours. The gun has not been bastardized. Oct 07, 2015 · “The idea with the [Model 1911] Heritage Edition was to take the heritage of the old guns, with the historical finishes, the color case-hardening and the charcoal bluing, and bring that into new manufacturing,” Turnbull said. 22 conversion kit is an economical and fun means to practice with a 1911, especially with the current cost and lack of availability of . The Original Equipment Manufacturers finish. - 1911 custom build. Our internet and retail departments are constantly growing and looking for new ways to provide goods and services to our customer! Gun bluing and firearm refinishing! No job too big or small. It only adds to the fact that the 1911 is a very pleasant gun to shoot. Kaufe L. com coatings. Gunsmith Blueing / Hot Bluing, p1. But I've hd the same thing happen with old 1911 . I decided that while I was at it I would try my hand at bluing and give the gun a proper finish. I. Bluing is our business, craftsmanship is our trademark. Llama 1911 Style . 002  22 Dec 2019 The sweet possibilities are endless with these easy-melt vanilla-flavored royal blue wafers. November 2019. This will help me make the stop line for the checkering. Please note, Nitre Bluing is not as durable as black oxide or hot bluing. 99. DuraCoat Firearm Finishes DuraBlue is the new standard in Bluing. . Besides making outstanding 1911 and 2011 pistols, Deep River Customs is also a full service custom gunsmith shop. Since bluing actually highlights imperfections in the metal, special care must be exercised in the preparation and polishing. I had a number of RHT parts fitted, but made sure that no work needed to be done on the FA to fit them. 00. We are proud to offer Colt recommended Service, Restoration & Refinishing Services equal to Colt’s legendary Custom Shop. Offizieller Händler von L. No maintenance, no oil, yet never worry about rust. Metal Work & ReBluing at Williams Gun Sight Company offering quality gunsmithing services to Michigan hunters and shooters for over 60 years. Custom Built Rifles with an emphasis on hunting and tactical rifles. Additionally, we do offer Nitre Bluing on the pin end of your carbon steel thumb safety and slide stop for an additional cost for the complete look on your 1911. It is however a very time consuming process and can take a week or more to complete. de. Traditional hot bluing is the pinnacle of a custom gunsmith shop. Bluing is a process usually used by gun owners and firearms manufacturers to improve the aesthetic value of their weapons. Magic Realism. what happened to 1911 bluing? This is a discussion on what happened to 1911 bluing? within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I see that Cimarron makes a 1911 with a beautiful polished blue finish. Bluing is primarily cosmetic with some forms of bluing (or parkerizing) providing a level of protection from the elements. My great-uncle was a torpedoman chief in World War II and he brought the Colt home with him when he retired in the 50's. CUSTOM SHOP, INC. A charcoal Turnbull restored Colt 1911 pistol with charcoal blued frame and slide. Unfortunately, the customer got the gun back after the initial work but it just wasn’t all that he was hoping for. In an effort to speed up production the final polish was discontinued, and apparently shortcuts in the bluing process were used as the finish tended to flake off with even light use. A sea of symbolism. Prices listed are for pre-polished parts ready for bluing. (Excludes P232/P230, 1911-22 The Kimber Custom II (Two-Tone) is a full-sized 1911 pistol with a stainless steel frame, rosewood grips with a brush polished carbon black slide. 22 rifle, came out really nice. It is made in the heart of the  Following Red Horses and Yellow Cow, Marc completed his suite of monumental , primary-color compositions in 1911 with The Large Blue Horses. Before the advent of gun bluing chemicals like these offered by Numrich Gun Parts Corp. We also offer a full service custom shop specializing in building 1911's from the ground up. The "hot" process uses nitre bluing salts and requires liquid heated to 650 degrees to activate the salts. Aug 27, 2009 · A Colt 1911 got sent to us in order to make some improvements after work by another gunsmith(s). ) Custom 1911s and Pistols We specialize in 1911 pistols including custom builds or full factory upgrades. Brubaker Arms Rust bluing 1911. TEMPERATURE can be raised by: (1) evaporating the solution by boiling, or (2) adding more salts. €11. Home Forums > 1911 Forum > 1911 Gunsmithing > Hot bluing at home. RESTORATION & REFINISHING. 1 monetary value. It can be done so scratches in the frame can be buffed out without having to do spot repairs to the existing bluing. Joined May 2004; It was a very poor job and on top of the poor bluing Bevel 1911 Auto Magazine Well: $40: Checker Front of Frame on 1911 Auto: $200: Stipple 1911 Auto Frame: $80: Open & Modify Ejection Port of 1911 Auto Slide: $50: Throat, Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp of 1911 Auto: $40: Fit Custom Trigger to 1911 Auto (Does not include cost of trigger) $40: Fit Custom Hammer to 1911 Auto (Does not include cost of Deep South Bluing - 4895 W. The end result is a blue-black glossy finish that is hard-wearing. The right side picture is the same gun polished to 400 grit and hot blued. Enjoy! Percentage of Blue/Finish Remaining. DuraBlue has a simple spray application and eliminates need for dangerous and expensive chemicals. Arming the Good Guys As a full service Class 7 firearms manufacturer and gunsmithing shop, Evolution Armory specializes in the 1911 platform, ranging from accuracy and trigger work to ground up builds and refinishing. Q. Karash was kind enough to build this spread sheet to help calculate the percentage of remaining bluing or finish on a Model 1911 or 1911-A1. B. The Willamette Valley Gunsmithing Company offers a complete and full service shop for your needs from Custom gunsmithing to refinishing, we do it all in house. Einstein), but by statutes designed to conserve public and worker safety. I've read many articles on various gun forums regarding gun bluing, most often cold bluing but seldom any information on how to properly hot blue. I'll share this information for those that would have a notion they might like to attempt this at some time. The term “refinishing” could mean hot-bluing a single-action (where hot-blue wasn’t invented till about 1937). Add to cart. Metal refinishing including bluing and gun kote. This was the handgun of choice used by our Bullseye Bluing and Refinishing - 94 Katherine Ct. Top quality craftsmanship, metal, and bluing integrity. It is also used extensively on automobiles to protect unfinished metal parts from corrosion. Just like what GunBlack provides to Remington, Marlin, FN, Ruger, H&R 1871 and the Department of Defense. In essence, you are using the steel wool to both apply the solution and lightly polish the metal while you are cold bluing it. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. It was carried daily in a Crossbreed holster, of which one side is kydex, so the Parker Gunsmithing is dedicated to providing prompt and reasonably priced service of the highest quality, because repeat customers are the foundation of our business. Turn times are always a estimation and never a guarantee. Belgian bluing is faster version of the rust process that produces very nice results in a much shorter amount of time. We will perform custom gunsmithing work on the following manufacturer’s 1911 pistols: Springfield Armory, Colt, Wilson, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, SIG 1911 series, Remington R-1 1911, Ruger SR-1911, Dan Wesson 1911, Les Baer Custom, Ed Brown and other quality, domestically-produced 1911 handguns. At JDM Gunsmithing in Lexington KY, we offer gun bluing services, parkerizing, spray-on finishes such as CeraKote, a full service machine shop, custom builds, accurizing services and custom ammo. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Norinco Model of the 1911A1 Parts 45acp Blued 5"/Government 1911 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Colt's 1911 Pistols feature upswept beavertail grip safeties, G10 grips and Novak® sights for positive handling and easy target acquisition. Repair and restoration times depend on work load. ” Gallery worthy it is, but range weary it is not. The harder the metal surface, the better the odds are it will turn purple. We offer the highest quality hot black oxide finishes (often referred to as "hot dip" or "hot bluing"), with six standard grades of finish available. Told her what was missing. Its bluing is a rather muddy matte black with enormous “Taurus” and “PT 1911” legends lasered into the sides of the slide. We offer our highly efficient custom muzzle brakes. Many other items coated and refinished, gun refinish, Compare to Robar. I shot a $3000 Wilson Combat on saturday, night and day difference between my RIA tactical and the Wilson. — We do not work on 1911’s manufactured in the Philippines or 1911’s smaller than Commander Model — 1911 / STI 2011 only — Prices do not include shipping — Parts not included except where specified — Refinishing only available in conjunction with other services — For commercial refinishing, we highly recommend Accurate Plating Buying a Collectible USGI Model 1911. 22LR target conversion kit model 1911-22T that I sometimes use on one of my 1911 . 1911Addicts -The Premiere 1911 Forum For Enthusiasts. ft. She said sorry for that and asked for my order # It must have been 10 minutes before I finally asked if she was still there. He returned  The Great Blue Norther of November 11, 1911 was a cold snap that affected the central United States on Saturday, November 11, 1911. Skeet, trap and sporting clay shotguns, antique firearms. The bluing of the pistols will be done with two different methods. There is so much you can do to a 1911, from replacing a couple parts to give your Remington 1911 R1. SLIDES or BLUING FOR CARBON STEEL SLIDES: P, SP & 1911: Refinish your stainless steel slide with our Nitron finish or re-blue your carbon steel slide. On November 11, 1911, a very strong cold front produced unprecedented temperature falls across most of the central U. DuraBlue is indistinguishable from traditional bluing but wears like DuraCoat. Glenrock Blue - Gun Bluing, Firearms Restoration and Refinishing Brownells is your source for Bluing at Brownells parts and accessories. WELCOME TO ACCURATE PLATING & WEAPONRY. is Vancouver's premier men's fashion clothing store & style lounge. Model 1911 Schmidt Rubin rifle. Any parts that would require smithing were not Colt 1911 Government Model 45 ACP Pistol. FRANZ MARC Blue Fox, 1911 Bag. All of the metal parts of the gun are blued in this way, except the magazine which is half blue, like the originals from the teens, which were the first Capturing the proper shade and texture of original charcoal bluing (sometimes referred to as carbona bluing) finish depends largely on the underlying metal polish. 45 ACP frames. However it is likely that barrels started in the white. Also, some parts may not be acceptable for Nitre Bluing. Spenserfield Road, Pace, Florida 32571 - Rated 0 based on 3 Reviews "I had some issues with two guns today. Experiment and find what you like. Base Price for Combat Carry $3695. 1911 packages BASIC CARRY GUN ON YOUR GUN Novak Rear Sight, Dovetail Front Sight, Throat and Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp, 2-Piece Guide Rod, S&A Beavertail Grip Safety, Re-Finish Entire Gun, Test Fire and Sight In, and Return Shipping, Handling and Insurance. Januar 2019 11. can not be removed. Lessons Learned Frequently Asked Questions Errata and Clarifications More articles: Lessons Learned. All rebluing prices include complete disassembly, cleaning, oiling and reassembly of gun. We install slings, rifle scopes, pistol scopes, and our custom made recoil pads. 1911 Style Gun Open RaceGun Package Limited Gun Package Bullseye Gun Package Basic Defense Package Tactical Carry Package Ultimate Carry Package Reliability Package 1911 Custom Services. 45 ACP, albeit the difference is only in the finish: a first production of only 3-4,000 pieces with a special finish called "Carbonia Blue" - evocative of the deep bluing seen on the civilian market The Orange County Gunsmith provides all types of premier class services to discriminateing customers who demand the finest care for their weapons. Rifle & Handgun Accurizing. Welcome to Custom Shop, Inc. Sep 26, 2014 · In other words don’t niter blue a barrel, chamber or cylinder! I wouldn’t even mess with a revolver frame or the slide and frame of a pistol. We all knew it would happen. Colt 1911 Gold Cup National match, 1967 Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match Bar-Sto barrel and follower. Availability: In stock. good? bad? is commonly desired to get the low glare of military Parkerizing combined with the darkness of the original design's bluing. We build customized & accurized hunting and target rifles, pistols, and field target or combat shotguns. Kategorie( n): Kunst < Vorheriger Beitrag · Nächster Beitrag >. Lohman Gunsmith Best Gunsmith in Houston. 1911 Jack Regular Fit Boucle Blazer Blue bei CareOfCarl. I built up a 1911 style pistol years ago for Bulleye match shoots and when I had it blued all the surplus military parts (minus the Essex frame) turned a nice purple. The hard part is Well, as someone who was a professional firearms refinisher for many years, with lots of experience in cold bluing, hot tank bluing, nickel plating, and spray-on finishes, I’ll walk you through the differences of some of the most commonly encountered finishes, and the pros and cons of each. With Colts I like to go for this Royal Blue looking blue that I got out of this and the 1911 I showed a while back. S. I just didn't like it any more than my glock. Custom Built Handguns with an emphasis on the 1911 Auto & Ruger Single Action Revolvers Jan 21, 2013 · DuLite bluing, such as Colt did on their 1918/1919 military model 1911's is an industrial/utility finish. Our Hot Blue process is the same process used by these original gun manufacturers. Cerakote gun coatings vs Robar Np3. Barrel steel often gives an excellent blue/black in only two passes! Complete working instructions included. Qty. Click to expand Let me guess, Duracoat,LOL. It was generally done over a fairly coarse-polished and/or sandblasted surface, and is a dullish, dark-grey or near-black color when used in that way. With this process there are no more "purple parts" on your beautifully blued pistol. model (which most closely resembles the M1911A1 that saw service from World War II to Vietnam), a Commander model, a Compact model, a Match model, and a Tactical model. 20 Nov 2019 CARTERVILLE (WSIL) — November 11th and 12th marks the 108th anniversary of the largest cold front on record to move across the Plains  The Blue Rider (German: “Der Blaue Reiter”) was a loose grouping of artists, named In 1911 and 1912 they organize two exhibitions of works by artists, who   Manufactured of high-grade steel, this kit includes all the pins necessary to construct, rebuild or recondition your 1911. Whether you are a competitive shooter, a firearms enthusiast, in law enforcement or the military, we can provide any gunsmith service you need for your 1911 or 2011 pistol. the a1's, may '41, but it was'nt until early '42 that bluing was completely phased out. Bluing is not a coating, it's a rusting process. Bluing: Custom Slides World's most popular finishing site / Internet's friendliest corner topic 45218 Re-finish for a 1911 style pistol 2007. PPC Revolver Package Revolver Services Sig-Sauer Browning Hi-Power Colt Python Rifles Shotguns Ruger 10-22 The most classic 1911 look available past and present! Today's hot salt bluing systems are computer controlled to regulate and maintain exact temperatures for consistent coloring. I use it for a duty gun, as I work for an armed security company out of There is also Parkerizing which gives the best protection of traditional metal finishes and is often recommended under many spray on finishes. “The result is a work of art. Niter bluing is best used for the little parts, screws, pins and what not. First illustrated edition   Emil Clothing Co. Includes original muzzle cover. Quality firearms restoration and gun bluing for twenty-five years. So I purchased one. M. We have an extensive array of metal finishing services to offer. NOTES: 1. 45 Colt parts. , protecting firearms with bluing was an intensive task. we began working on firearms many years ago. The . I recommend it to alot of Customers that want to touch up a gun or reblue a cylinder, one guy reblued an entire . cloudscape . Here are listed all the hard-learned lessons that I wish I had known before beginning. Nov 18, 2012 · Cerakote vs bluing?? I just bought a Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec that is OD Green. The picture do not do it justus. Long Clawson Blue Stilton is an award winning cheese taking home UK Supreme Champion Cheese at the Global Cheese awards. I've been doing some online research and found a lot of products that use a few different methods. All quality made firearms, from modern day offerings to Civil War era pieces, and custom build projects, are welcome . , Inc. I will be back for more. Jan 15, 2018 · Unfortunately, to spiff it up, my brother sent it off to get a bit of a facelift with a re-bluing job. This thumb safety requires fitting for proper function in your 1911 and is not a drop in  Sunset, Gray Blue High Tide, 1911 by Felix Vallotton. Didn't want to buy 50 pounds of bluing Need a custom 1911 builder? Want a Cerakote or Duracoat finish? See Arizona's only custom gunsmith that provides stainless steel bluing: Fink's! Bluing is an electrochemical conversion, where the surface of the steel is converted to a form of controlled rust called Magnetite (Fe3O4). Carbonia Bluing Charcoal Color Case Hardening Slow Rust Bluing Hot Salt Bluing Nitre Bluing . Smith & Wesson Revolver, 1911/2011 and Česká zbrojovka (CZ) Specialist. ) $ 99. Stainless Steel will not take niter bluing. As with the other small parts, the triggerguard assembly was niter blued, but not brought to a high polish before bluing. RUAG Artikelnummer: 20850. Rust bluing penetrates deeper into the metal than salt bluing used by major manufacturers. Other Handguns, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Misc. Repairing, customizing, cerakote, bluing, color case, wood stock work on firearms and custom builds. 15. Mar 29, 2011 · So, as I posted in a thread a few days ago, I'm refinishing the stock on my old 870. it is a gun you would be proud to own. It can also be done just to repair an uneven blued finish. The 2046 sq. 00 Stück. This is a discussion on Bluing wear within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; Last year, I purchased a nickel 1911 Sig. Pin Set Includes: Link Pin Sear Pin Hammer Pin Hammer Strut Pin Ejector Pin - Does not work on 2011 and double stack 1911s. Perfect for professionals who have only one or two guns to refinish and user-friendly enough for the home hobbyist. Hello guys, I am wondering about the pros/cons of refinishing a restored 1911 style pistol frame and slide. Rock Island Armory currently produces a handful of different 1911 models, including a G. Hot bluing is the fastest (commercial) form of bluing and is pretty durable. Hot blue duplicates modern factory bluing. We provide training for your MA LTC and further education. Cold bluing also can enhance the appearance of an older firearm by touching up dings and scratches. Few, if any, handguns have achieved the reputation and worldwide acclaim that the Model 1911 has garnered through the years. Bluing is an electrochemical passivation process to partially protect steel against rust. We are one of the few remaining full machine shop, certified gunsmiths in the St Louis area. Private Collection. For brevities sake we limited this list to the most often requested services. Verpackungsinhalt:1. Our hot tank solution uses a caustic solution of Nitrate salts and is heated to near 300 degrees F. The NRA and ordnance bomb were struck after finish, causing the blue around the marking to flake off leaving a halo. It uses molten saltpeter to evenly Sep 16, 2012 · I tested out my homemade hot blue solution and it works! It's simple to make and ALOT cheaper than buying the Oxynate #7 from Brownell's which is the SAME st For a 1911, detail strip it down to the bare frame, degrease it, and degrease a piece of 0000 steel wool. 45 ACP ammo. This is a very potent rust blue solution for low to high carbon steels. All methods involve some for of heat/chemical change to the surface of the steel. Restore 1911 and 1911A1 pistols. Cold Blue Tauch- und Streichbrünierung für ein tiefschwarzes Finish! www. 1911 History. Then I tie wrap the top of the strap as high as I can get it without it starting up the curve of the trigger guard. Hot-Bluing (All finishing work except Hot-bluing is completed in-house. While there are a few different types of bluing, one of the most durable forms is hot salt bluing. Other than that, the pistol is as it was back in the day. Excellent condition bore. 1911. When Remington announced it was going to be making the R1, a semi-retro version of the historic 1911, a "modern" version from Big Green couldn't be too far away Our complete gunsmithing services include carbon and stainless steel bluing, custom rifle and pistol builds, Cerakote coating, machining and prototyping for firearms and other products. Give us a call and find out why we are the Best Gunsmith in Houston! The same problem existed with the late production Model 1911 pistol. APW offers premier firearm refinishing including Chrome, Nickel, Bluing and Cerakote. removed*; gun polished to mirror finish prior to bluing. home is a 3 bed, 4. Brownells is your source for Metal Bluing,Metal Prep & Coloring at Brownells parts and accessories. Bluing. I wanted to call this section "For the Love of God, At Least Read This Page Before Building a 1911", but it wouldn't fit in the menu bar. , Ellerslie, Georgia 31807 - Rated 5 based on 19 Reviews "They have done great work on anything I have Norinco corporation applies a nearly black and sometimes uneven bluing to their products, like this M1911A1 slide. You can get it blue for much cheaper than that. NOTE: Mirror Finish is not available June 15 through Sept. Many cities broke record   1911 SW Skyline Dr , Blue Springs, MO 64015-4750 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $225000. Colt1911. Custom Built Handguns with an emphasis on the 1911 Auto & Ruger Single Action Revolvers Metal refinishing including bluing and gun kote. Parkerizing is commonly used on firearms as a more effective alternative to bluing, which is an earlier-developed chemical conversion coating. Accurate for Swiss models 1870-1911. Dec 27, 2019 · How to Reblue a Gun. Juni unter dem Namen Computing Tabulating and Recording Company (CTR) in New York gegründet. However, the end result was blotchy & grayish US ARMY 1911 This gun was make in 1918 It has new grips and completely rebuled with the nicest bluing I have ever seen! It has a Mico rear sight and a raised front sight. Thats my plan. Over a period of time, moisture, chemicals and routine handling remove that protection and make it subject to tarnish, rust and, eventually, pitting. The bluing process is identical for all grades of finish. Dury's traditional gunsmithing services go back to the late 1800s when John M. Chambers Custom Pistols officially opened on June 1st, 2010. Rust and old bluing removed; pits, scratches, etc. The 1911 is a single action only handgun, and the trigger is well known for being very crisp and light. There are two types of oxidation processes for bluing a gun. The walnut grips are worn and a lot of the bluing is gone. On a regular basis we're tasked with the maintenance of the civilian and law enforcement weapons including Colt handguns, Remington and Mossberg shotguns, AR-15 rifles, and H&K MP-5 sub-guns. Glad I saw a similar case hardened model reviewed on Hickok45 and his review of the Standard single action. Dury started Dury's Gun Shop, fitting recoil pads in a small shop behind his parent's house. Jun 11, 2012 · The 1911 field is admittedly crowded, but there are few names more recognizable in that crowd than Remington. You can watch parts go from straw, to purple, to blue, to black over time depending on time and temperature. This is a nitre bluing process similar to what you see on old colt pistols. From simple repairs & cleaning to World Class Customs. It also has a richer, deeper lustre - why those old guns looked so classy! Colorado School of Trades Graduate. Sep 03, 2009 · If there is one fault I can find with the PT 1911, it is its finish. Each Les Baer Presentation Grade 1911 is actually a fully equipped Baer Premier® II which has been enhanced with the addition of these special features: Minutely detailed hand-chiseled engraving, an old world art form rarely seen in today's high tech world; Full bluing in the military style began at or near the end of 1937 production. I have a 5-6 year old Colt Government Model of the 1911 that I bought used for a good price from a pawn shop since the original blue finish was well worn. Jun 06, 2019 · Rock Island Armory 1911: The Best (Quality) Budget Gun Out There? When you open the case, you’ll find the GI 1911 with its parkerized finish (which is more durable than bluing) and Been shooting and customizing 1911’s for almost 50 years. • Combat Unit™ Rail Gun® – Long-lasting Dual Spring Recoil System™ makes it ideal for those who're serious about spending time on the range. from publication: Cognition and Visual Art | Cognitive and other scientifically informed   Franz Marc, Blue Horse I, 1911. In excellent condition with honest wear on the bluing. The frame, slide, grip safety, mainspring housing, sear, disconnector, recoil spring guide, and recoil spring plug will be carbona blued. Hersteller Artikelnummer:372164. Remington 1911 R1. Over time, however, this shell can wear away and need to be renewed to restore the Checkering the front strap of a 1911. Metal finishing is an art and a science, requires specialized techniques, and is now governed not only by common sense (The layer of prejudices built up before the age of eighteen-A. Schuetzen, 1911, S&W, Colt, Ruger revolvers, bolt action and modern sporting rifles. has a good cleaner/degreaser, a very good rust and bluing remover and a good cold-bluing solution. This rifle is a pre 1984 import, it has no import markings These gunsmithing chemicals help to provide rust resistance and give firearms the blue-black appearance that these pieces may have had when brand new. is a rapidly growing company that specializes in the firearm, hunting, and shooting sports industry. Email us for pricing and details for this option. Special Forces groups. STI Commander Bobtail in 38 Super. This is the triggerguard on a 1903 Springfield Special Target sold to a NRA member in 1916. I also have an Advantage Arms. Suchen; Datenschutz  15. Firearm Refinishing & Restoration. The left side picture is the gun after deplating. This is an equivalent or better polish than most standard factory blued finishes, such as Winchester M70 rifles and 1911 pistols. Feb 03, 2011 · From what I know, Colt 1911's that had a C prefix in the s number were contract guns or it may be a commercial gun built in 1914 based on those numbers (and the math adds up). By Bill Adair. 0 bath property. I don’t bother to take off the plunger tube or grip bushings. From simple re-bluing jobs, to complete antique restorations. Plunger Tube Pin (Safety Side) Pistole PT-1911, blue, 45 ACP Picatinny rail. also this blackener should only be used on the outside of the barrel and never on the inside. In 1959, John L. Colt's Series 70 pistol features the Series 70 firing system, making it a faithful reproduction and throwback to Colt A thermometer will allow you to know when the correct temperature has been reached and the metal has begun the bluing process. Shop our vast selection and save! Turnbull Restoration Co. the 1911's, never. Just need a stainless pot/vat large enough to get the parts into. Fortress Arms is a custom Conroe gunsmith shop specializing in 1911 pistols, precision bolt-action rifles and accurized AR-type semi-automatic rifles. Home to Cogan Custom Shop gunsmithing and customization. (gun Box not included) The process of hot bluing is designed to color and protect the steel on your firearm for a long time. Sorry we do not work on, or carry parts for BB or Pellet Guns. 1911 style pistols Repairing the bluing on a gun barrel protects the metal from rust and scratching, and helps reduce glare when shooting. This is a Model 1911 in the late serial number range with the finish that tended to flake. $59. Download scientific diagram | Franz Marc, The Large Blue Horses, 1911. Jan 31, 2019 · Cold bluing is the weakest form or bluing and protection. Mr. Specialty Firearm Blueing, Parkerizing, Gun Kote, Gun Anybody in the Seattle/Tacoma area that can do a quality rebluing on a Colt 1911? bergunx. There are several reasons someone would remove the bluing from their firearm. They won't touch it for 2 reasons. you will be able to make surface of the steel black but will never get any luster or mirror-like finish you would be able to get with traditional bluing. Visit Us in Houston TX or call! Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. That's electrochemical as in chemical reactions which take place in a solution at the interface of an electron conductor (a metal or a semiconductor) and an ionic conductor (the electrolyte), and which involve electron transfer between the electrode and the electrolyte or species in solution. The barrel, receiver, and magazine have matching numbers. Custom 1911′s This is the classic that everyone is looking for. Oct 29, 2018 · So "Lily" messaged me back and apologized for missing my call. Standard Finish – We polish the metal to a 400-grit finish prior to bluing for a semi-gloss finish. Browse exclusive European menswear. Modify 1911/1911A1 pistols for grip safety. Polishing and Bluing. Shop our vast selection and save! Here's a Colt 1911 that was cruelly and brutally overpolished and then nickeled. as well as widespread damaging   HD GI Thumb Safety Blue. Juni 2011 1911. What you don't see is the two + hours of repolishing and trying to bring back the sharp edges. Drop-in with little or no 12 Nov 2019 It's cold mid-Missouri. If bluing has not begun, you will need to add more water or salts. It provides the steel surface with a layer of protection against rust and corrosion while reducing potential glare as well. Very good condition, over 50% original bluing present. 95: NITRON FINISH (BARREL ONLY) P, SP & 1911: Upgrade the finish on your SIG barrel with our durable black Nitron® finish. Nighthawk Custom 1911 pistols offering handguns including the AAC, Bob Marvel, Costa, Dominator, Enforcer, Falcon, GRP, Heinie, Predator, T3, T4, and Talon I shot a 1911 that a friend got from his grand dad, it was 1930ish gun with perfect bluing and the nicest stag grips Ive ever seen. The Director of Civilian Marksmanship began manufacture of M1911 pistols for members of the National Rifle Association in August 1912. Still, I would never think of refinishing it. blued parts continued to show up well after that. The finish was unevenly blued and nearly black, and it seemed to be optimized for the collection and display of fingerprints. Kulas Customs is a full service gun shop specializing in service, ammo, repair and gunsmithing. Think of it as a way to add a little color to something, not the whole gun. Well worth the money and much more. Rust bluing is a favored finish for engraving because it actually highlights the engravers work. KyGunCo Gunsmith - Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm EST The Kentucky Gun Co. Pic1. An extraordinary expression of emotion. 380 ACP Caliber Pistol S/N A19971 for sale online. Ogburn Gun Repair, Inc. Custom manufacturer of the world's finest 1911 handguns and parts. This will be my first rodeo with bluing. 1911 parkrized to blue, blueing a 1911, blueing a parkerized gun, bluing a parkerized 1911, bluing a parkerized finish, bluing a parkerized gun, can a parkerized metal part be blued?, cold blue on parkerized, cold blueing a 1911, parkerized 1911, parkerized to blue, polishing parkerized finish, reblue a parkized gun, rust blue 1911, rust bluing Jul 28, 2015 · In this video I go step by step through the process of rebluing your gun at home. Real cold. It is called Carbona bluing, and it is the original blackish type of bluing found on all of the guns of the early 20 th Century. Zinc Parkerizing provided a thinner finish and is used where tight tolerances are required where Manganese Parkerizing provides a heavier finish which in addition to adding more protection can help to tighten up old parts such as the slides on old 1911 handguns. Rust bluing is the most time consuming but from what I understand the most durable form of bluing. 1911 blue vs parkerized, blued finish vs parkerized, blued vs parkerized, bluing vs parkerizing, images of parkerized finish vs blued finish, is parkerized better than blued, parkerized finish vs blued finish, parkerized or blued, parkerized or blued a 1911 frame, parkerized vs blue, parkerized vs blued, parkerized vs bluing, polishing Awww, come on. Use them to dip strawberries, drizzle them on  Offered in Catawiki's Book Auction (Illustrated & Children's Books): Maurice Maeterlinck - The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts - 1911. Fogle's Gunsmithing has over 45 years experience in gun bluing and restoration, starting in 1974. Asked if I liked their binocs. We have done 1911 work for noted gun writers, SWAT teams and members of U. Parkerizing should provide a more protective  1911 Cerakote colors Midnight Blue & Crimson Red sweet silence✌ Thank You for your business. Remington UMC ~ 1911 ~ . Kobra Carry, Special Forces, Executive Elite, Classic Custom, Ed Brown Bobtail, beavertail. These polished areas need to be re-blued to provide some protection, and cold bluing is the least expensive means of providing that protection. I have seen photos of a protoype PT 1911 in polished stainless steel and it looks quite nice, but the blued version is just plain ugly. Requires special stuff and is hazardous to do at home. Our staff is factory trained and armour certified by most manufacturers such as: Glock, Bluing wear. this is a mid '42 sample. offers a full line of services in firearm repair, modification, customization, and restoration. 45 ACP for sale online. The length of time in the solution determines the color and depth of color. Id say shoot the crap out of the RIA until youve saved enough for a 1911 that will take a good bluing and last. You can get stuff from Brownell's to do Hot Tank Bluing. One of the most delicate finishing processes is the bluing operation. The coldest air we've seen since 1911! An impressive arctic air mass settled over mid-Missouri after a sunny,  Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Wilson Combat 1911 Government Multi-comp Compensator Blue at the best online prices at  48MP AI Quad camera with portrait, ultra-wide lens, macro lens, LED flash, AI support, beautify support | 13MP front camera with AI portrait mode; 16. WATER is used to lower the temperature. Gunsmithing We offer full service gunsmithing including accurizing, bluing, stock work, cleaning, repairs and restoration, as well as scope mounting and bore sighting. Look at before and after images of the gun metal refinishing, custom gun Bluing and all other services provided by Precision Bluing, New York Slow rust bluing just like the gun makers did 100 years ago is a lost art and provides the best rust & corrosion resistance. Based in Chino Valley, we service local customers in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Northern Arizona, as well as gun owners across the nation. Metal prep and polishing quoted on an individual basis depending on the needs of your firearm. G96 1064 Gun Bluing Creme, 3 oz I did try some on a Colt 1911 barrel and tried to apply it as evenly as possible. (WE DO NOT REFINISH FRAMES. A charcoal blued high polished part will produce a mirror-like finish that is second to none. bluing 1911

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