Aug 07, 2017 · Jiffy Lube radiator coolant flush cost. He still has a clogged heater core. Radiator service for cars, trucks & autos. Dealer wants way too much for coolant flush. The air intake and exhaust systems in your vehicle are vital to both performance and safety. You can try a home flush kit. . so all that "coolant flush" is still in your block and heater core. Please try again later. Don't worry I used Amsoil and Mobil 1 filter. You should never put any water in your cooling system unless it is distilled water. Talking generally, it is the vehicle’s manufacturer what dictates this form of preventative maintenance, but in fact, some other reasons can cause the Jiffy Lube transmission flush requirement. labor for thermostat change. Apr 20, 2019 · I do 99. Other vehicles may require removing the instrument panel from the console of the dashboard and also the air compressor unit. Help keep your engine cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Get coupons and gift cards. Posted by: In reply to those that say don't go to Jiffy Lube, you are very wrong. To be on the safe side, add this product to your cooling system, drive around for about 75 - 125 miles (with the heat on so that it cleans your heater core as well), then flush it out according to the directions. How much does a heater core flush How to Know When a Heater Core is Plugged you can try to flush out the heater core with a garden hose. Top off the coolant and see what the temps do. Is it okay to have a coolant flush done at an oil change shop, such as jiffy lube? Dec 15, 2010 · The heater in my Dodge Grand Caravan (2006) started being unreliable on Monday. I nervously pulled up to Jiffy Lube's after lunch, not really sure what to do. Any idea where the rear heater core is? Thanks in advance, Joe D Check your heater hoses. A radiator pressure test checks for potential leaks or radiator damage. Our experienced, ASE-certified tire and automotive service professionals will begin with a Cooling System Diagnostic. Something occurred to me: I think that the procedure ralphb used should be called the "Rich mans tranny flush". Keep in mind: Your mechanic will drain the fluid, clean the system with coolant cleaner, and use water to remove the remaining coolant. I check all the fluid and it is dirty. My coolant failed the test at Jiffy Lube the other day and I really want to get this squared away before I need to get back on the road after the new year. “Back-Flush” the heater core as follows: Follow OEM procedures to drain the cooling system. While these are averages, the cost from vehicle to vehicle will vary as will individual dealer and auto shop prices. Its either the thermostat or an airlock in the heater core. I might add) it made no difference, they claim that their flow test showed good. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? So, I had the local Jiffy lube do my oil change today. View hours of operation, services offered, addresses and map, phone numbers. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. I guess what I'm looking for here is the most common causes of that issue, and how likely it is that a $90 flush at JF will correct the problem. Bottom line: my engine had zero coolant in it despite the fact the radiator and reservoir were Aug 11, 2008 · Blown Head Gasket Symptoms. Oct 13, 2016 · This feature is not available right now. The rest is trapped in some of the hoses, the heater core, and the block. You demand high performance out of your car, so treat it right with our complete 15-Point Star Service. I inspected my radiator, all hoses, coolant reservoir and water pump. The highly trained technicians at Jiffy Lube® do almost every common major and minor maintenance or repair service. but if the return hose is also hot, prolly not. The Toyota maintenance schedule calls for changing the coolant every 100,000 miles; he takes his RAV4 to the local Toyota dealer and has followed the schedule. Come in today! Learn how you can keep your cooling system in shape by flushing and filling the Install the radiator cap and run the engine for 10 minutes with the heater on  17 reviews of Jiffy Lube "I have never gotten my oil changed before, but with 8000 miles on my leased vehicle, I asked for they could do a heater core flush. Jiffy lube uses a coolant that is compatible with the requirements. Drain the water and flush solution in the same way you drained the original coolant. Why is there a milky brown oil layer in the coollant reservoir of my Mazda MPV? 20 Answers. I'll warn you now, your cooling system will need flushing, and the heater core might be plugged. Lube And Oil Change Coupons In Mail Advertisement. Coolant is an integral part of the functionality of your vehicle and helps keep the engine at the proper temperature. Flushing out the tubes in the heater core will allow the coolant to flow more easily so there will always be warm coolant to heat up the A week later I realized that my heat was not working and I was told by a mechanic at Chrysler that it was because the flush was done incorrectly and the heater core was damaged. Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service The main functions of the  Radiator and heater core flush. If you're not familiar with flushing a transmission and changing a rad, then the above work will require professional advice anyway. Your coolant fluid might retain it's antifreeze properties for a long time, but the anti-corrosive properties only last 2-3 years. From a new air filter to checking the transmission fluid, your car will thank you for it. 99. Heater core may be clogged. 95 and that includes fluching coolant system radiator heater core hoses, etc and a pressure test to check hoses and cap and things like that for any leaks and we use ABG products for corrosion control, and recommended every 30,000 I think the main point to be made is to flush the coolant system thoroughly whether he takes the car to Jiffy Lube or use the Prestone's kit sold at Autozone, NAPA, Walmart, etc (replacing the heater hose you tee into when you are through since I personally dont like leaving these things permanently under the hood) Sep 29, 2002 · In preparation for a road trip I got an oil change and coolant flush at Jiffy Lube and replaced the spark plugs myself in my '99 Avalon XLS. 7t coolant flush – Remove cowl cover – Remove Upper heater core hose – Wait for all the coolant to drain out – Note: Bentley's shop manual states our cars hold 6 liters of coolant. DBA Jiffy Lube are performed by highly qualified mechanics. Nov 08, 2013 · The Tool and Equipment Magazine 2011 Innovation Award Winner and the #1 Seller - Speed Draw Coolant Flush Machine. Get free custom quotes, customer reviews, prices, contact details, opening hours from Eagan, MN based businesses with General Automotive Repair Shops keyword. Many quick lube shops (such as Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube) save money by using cheap, foreign, and generic oil filters. And, while many mentioned that during a flush, some of the water remains behind in the block, yet not one person has mentioned the little bulb thing that sucks up some of the fluid to test for the correct mix (antifreeze tester)? Heater core replacement is another part of our specialty. 00 for this service! Pick up this Prestone Flush 'N Fill Kit to keep your vehicle running reliably and at peak performance. Also, your vehicle uses hot engine coolant to warm the passenger cabin by running the coolant through the heater core and blowing cabin air over it. 00. plastic t's and a good heater core flush TOM: Finally, you can blow compressed air through the heater core. A coolant flush and fill is basic maintenance for your cooling system, and will help ensure maximum performance from your car's heating and cooling systems. If one is hot and the other is cool or luke warm,,then the heater core is clogged. Jan 27, 2012 · A radiator flush provides a number of benefits to your vehicle's cooling system. A drain will only remove about half of the coolant in the system and won’t clear the majority of the build up, while a radiator flush will completely remove the coolant and the vast majority of contaminants. how must will it Fletcher Tires or Jiffy Lube to replace a Thermostat. keep flushing until you see clean water coming out of the drain. Get it in writing, and bring it back to the Jiffy Lube place. Quick, convenient, and fun…Services range from oil changes, brakes and almost any other maintenance item, to smog inspections and general automotive repair. It may cause worse heater problems if the heater hoses were connected at the time. Out of curiosity, what's your temp gauge on the dash doing? Otherwise stated, does it get up to running temp within a few minutes of driving? gumout engine flush jiffy lube bilstein engine flush machine heater core flushed new engine stalling using atf to flush engine oil engine block flush Jan 19, 2009 · 2002 Blazer no heat after new radiator heater core, thermostat and hoses I didn't notice a difference so had my radiator flushed out at a jiffy lube. Now, there are more than 2,000 franchise Sep 18, 2009 · How much is a coolant flush at jiffy lube? Unanswered Questions. I might add) it made no difference, they claim that their flow test showed  radiator easily. Got this to rinse the cooling system, added 1 bottle and kept it in there for 5 days without driving the car too much. Sep 06, 2011 · If you do not know, then put in a good inhibitor, and check the rate of deterioration over the first year. It can be useful to know how engine coolant flows through the system for heater core troubleshooting. The machine then replaces the old fluid with new, clean, premixed fluid. Jiffy Lube is more than somewhere to get preventive maintenance, it’s part of the community. Want to flush front heater core. I replaced the tank myself and then had Jiffy Lube run a full radiator flush and fill. what is the best way to flush my radiator. The green coolant MUST NOT BE MIXED with the orange or magenta coolants. When my husband checked the coolant there was a milky brown layer of oil floating on top. We offer free trip checks which means at Super Lube Plus you can stop in between oil changes and have your washer fluid checked and refilled. Should I go for the top off next time or simply do my own radiator flush? It's starting to get chilly so do I use a special kind of fluid for certain weather or what? Sep 28, 2018 · I dropped 4 gallons off today at my local Jiffy Lube. Most coolant-cleaner solutions aren’t able to clean the debris that is often deposited in the Aug 07, 2018 · How much does a radiator flush cost? On average, most radiator flushes are going to cost anywhere from $50 to $155. if anyone knows anything about brakes you know what you have to do when you mix anything else besides brake fluid in a master. It is a fairly inexpensive procedure that should be performed once a year or per your owner's manual's recommendations. Jiffy Lube isn't a flush. Then ask them to refund your money since they are too lazy or shitty to do their job properly. NOTE: Use a water supply with full building site water pressure. Find our best fitting flush and fill radiator kits for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Heater Works Only When Gas Pedal is Pushed 2nd Gen (93-97) V6 2. I specifically asked for Dex-Cool three or four times and was assured that Dex-Cool would be used. How to Remove & Replace the Heater Core How to Change and  . ~$105 complete. DBA Jiffy Lube to get the job done! Find Chicago, IL Jiffy Lube® locations. He did it according to their printed procedure. When the parts are only available at the dealership they are roughly $400 each it gets ridiculous I'm tired of this vehicle Dec 04, 2019 · To flush a radiator, start by draining all of the old antifreeze in the radiator into a drainage pan. If your vehicle's heater isn't working as well as it used to, or has stopped working entirely, it may be the result of a clog in your  Jun 24, 2015 Mechanics say flushing your engine and radiator periodically will prevent your car from overheating. You can order a radiator flush at a garage or buy a radiator flush kit and execute a chemical flush at home. Jul 12, 2018 A radiator flush keeps the engine from corroding and helps extend a water jackets, and can even begin to build up in the heater core. Welcome to Vasco Quick Lube. Now the vents put out much better heat, so the heater core was also clogged. Jiffy Lube - 1336 Gause Blvd Slidell - 1336 Gause Blvd, Slidell, Louisiana an oil change and radiator flush (they recommended ) punctured the heater core. The radiator coolant flush costs only $99. 4 based on 8 Reviews "My son took his car in for an oil change The average cost for a coolant flush is between $71 and $115 for the parts and labor on this relatively short job. , fordy:coffee: Sep 28, 2012 · The coolant flush is not especially difficult, but it does require more than simply removing the radiator drain plug. The heater cores are tricky to flush 100% with the way the hose system is designed, some have had good luck directly hooking to the core and flushing. The last 2 liters will be flushed out by refilling the system Rad Flush but it did not clean the lines to the heater core and the heater core was 95% plugged. 0i), we’ll show the specific steps to properly drain and flush the system, then fill and bleed with new 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant. You need to isolate and flush the core by itself. If car isn't overheating, thermo doesn't ned to be changed. 5L Heater Works Only When Gas Pedal is Pushed - ProbeTalk. Any idea where the rear heater core is located? (Put a visual on my blend door this morning, its working) Checked the front core hoses, one is hot, one is not. The blend door will work when you turn the tempature knob. Replacing antifreeze when recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer will help minimize your risk of cooling system (radiator) failure and expensive repairs. I would also think that the coolant flush you had at Jiffy Lube would have flushed the heater core as well. 5L but only about 4L will come out when you pull the drain plug. Why it’s important Since the heating system works off of the same coolant that circulates throughout your engine, performing a coolant flush and fill will also prevent overheating - the List of the best General Automotive Repair Shops in Eagan, MN. After the Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. tees into the heater core A nice side effect of getting the heater core replaced is it required a coolant flush and an a/c recharge, so I can knock those two items off my maintenance list for this year. This is on a 2000 Dodge Durango. Remove the heater core from under the dash. Well, I looked at the receipt and it specifically says that Universal coolant was used. The only service I'm interested in their repetiore of BS is the coolant flush. This is because the junk in the engine could have worked its way into the heater core and plugged it up worse. Coolant also runs through the heater core to warm the cabin, so Cooling System Flush and Fill. You can also have your tire pressure checked and adjusted. The lines are primarily aluminum within the radiator and heater core which can corrode adding to the problem. Fast Change Lube & Oil wants to help keep your fleet vehicles on the road by offering quick, professional, and friendly service available at 20 locations! We’ll minimize unnecessary downtime, help reduce repair costs, and provide scheduled maintenance to protect your vehicle’s warranty. How much a radiator flush should cost. went in for heater core flush and there was no more heat than when i took it in. A cooling system flush essentially flushes out the entire system of contaminants and replaces the coolant mixture with fresh coolant and water. Sounds like you guys are telling me using Jiffy Lube is like dating stripper. apparently Jiffy Lube had put power steering fluid in the master cylinder. They were going to top it off for $3 but I said no. the people thought we could just flush it out. If you have to change a radiator or heater core, use aluminum. A drain is usually a very inexpensive repair, while a flush will cost a little more. The system holds about 6. I used to work at a Jiffy Lube. A radiator flush is essentially a method of cleaning the cooling apparatus of an automobile. I usually get my oil changed at Jiffy Lube because they are convenient and I can’t crawl under my car and change my oil like I used to. *For vehicles using extended life coolant, we recommend changing it every 3 years or 50,000 miles. As meder24 said an engine flush is not the same. Before getting off on the trip a 60 mile highway drive followed by a couple miles of stop-and-go city traffic caused the temperature needle to peg out and the overflow reservoir boiled vigorously. Janeway452, what the service guy told you is generally true - rarely do heater cores need to be replaced in vehicles less than 10 years old. I called before going and they said they would take it. In the end I flushed it and there was a white gum coat inside the coolant tank that went off. It is used to completely remove any coolant that remains after the radiator is drained. It is a relatively easy process, which can be allroad 2. I never flushed mine - I've been lucky til now! lolHow often should you flush out your radiator? I'm guessing you mean 100,000 miles. With all the bills from christmas doing this myself would help. EDIT: Here I even found it for ya! Find a local Jiffy Lube for car maintenance & servicing. Now they are telling him he needs the heater core replaced. Those filters are generally made from paper or cardboard which can dislodge and clog engine oil passages, leading to major and costly repairs. Jiffy Lube Grange Lewis Estates - Home | Facebook. Not too bad with the mileage but my clock spring also took a dump less than a month ago. Radiator Coolant Flush Service Why do I need to replace my radiator coolant? Your vehicle’s engine generates enough heat to destroy itself. When this happens Jiffy Lube - 1336 Gause Blvd Slidell - 1336 Gause Blvd, Slidell, Louisiana 70458 - Rated 2. Find a location nearest you today. Cooling fins surround the core. Jiffy Lube® is a lot more than a fast oil change! We also feature complete cooling system services. Top off the remainder with water and you should be good to go. I know its hard to get to ,,but if its clogged sometimes you can take the hoses off,,and run a garden hose through it and flush it out. Occasionally flushing the radiator will help keep it clean and prevent buildup of dirt and sediment. Can antifreeze leak from your catalytic converter and if so is this a sign of a leaking head gasket? Selinsgrove Xpress Lube Services. If you disconnected the heater hoses where they connect to the system under the hood, to flush the heater, then you can put a section of hose between the two male fittings to make a loop. all the calipers, lines, hoses, master, ABS unit I agree, Here is the heater core flush adapter I made for $6 at my local hardware store. Then, seal the drain valve and pour a full bottle of radiator cleaner and 1 gallon of distilled water into the radiator reservoir. With 2,000 locations nationwide, Jiffy Lube® can help keep your vehicle on the road. Jan 05, 2007 · i mechanic for a living,,and this might have happened anyway especially if it had some stop leak in it that might have gotten cleaned away from a tiny pin hole in the heater core, so it may have leaked on anyone who done it,,i do this 6 days a week ,and i always warn customers of the dangers in doing this,,but its just one of those things,you just get a heater core put in it,,and call it a View the Jiffy Lube® winter driving safety tips to make sure you and your car are winter-ready. Jan 18, 2017 · 2002 liberty had no heat took it to jiffy lube for a flush no i have some on passenger side only, leveis are good and - Answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic Impossible to say. I had the engine, radiator and heater core flushed by Jiffy lube ($90. I thought it was possible the leak may be coming from my heater core or maybe a freeze plug. Mar 07, 2017 · To be honest, there are lots of reasons why you may need this service. They had a chance to make her a Jiffy Lube customer however they completely blew it over $5. Jiffy Lube® Technicians provide a radiator antifreeze coolant service to protect your car's cooling system against overheating & freezing. com A week later I realized that my heat was not working and I was told by a mechanic at Chrysler that it was because the flush was done incorrectly and the heater core was damaged. Bar’s Leaks is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The extra labor required, plus parts, plus all the additional fluid would really start to add up. Facebook. I have a Ford Taurus SE and have 98,000 miles. All it takes is some running water, a can of radiator flush and a few hours. By adding water, you're diluting that remaining coolant. That means pressurized water or pressurized air and water. What Do Radiator and Coolant Flushes Do? A radiator fluid exchange helps protect the radiator from rust and corrosion and your engine from freezing and overheating. Midas auburn is your one-stop shop for brakes, oil changes, tires and all your auto repair needs. Most mechanics will recommend that you get a radiator flush every 36,000 miles. Jan 21, 2013 · I'd shoot for a new thermostat before the flush because you have to drain the system anyway to put in the new thermostat and its really not that hard to change on our cars, if you look at the FSM (factory service manual) you can see it being done. Price's vary from about $35. Regularly changing your coolant can help avoid many of these problems. Disconnect the heater core inlet and outlet hoses Connect a water hose (garden hose) to the heater core outlet. I took my Ford E350 Super Duty Box truck in to Jiffy Lube today. Next, turn your vehicle on with the heat on full blast for 5 minutes. Keep your vehicle from overheating and prevent premature corrosion with a radiator and cooling systems flush at Jiffy Lube®. thanks for the info. I tried following up with Jiffy lube four times and each time I was told that the owner would call me back. I got it home and flushed it again and again unitll it ran clear, The first time, immediatly after Jiffy lubes flush, it was totally rust colorso that was a total waste. Hello, I have a 2006 jetta tdi. Air Intake Exhaust Services. Based on your manufacturer's recommendation and/or test results, Jiffy Lube® removes used engine coolant (also called antifreeze), replaces it with coolant that meets or exceeds your manufacturer specifications and properly disposes of the used fluid. Jan 27, 2012 · While there is no set schedule for getting a radiator flush, almost all car manufacturers recommend that you drain and refill your radiator with quality antifreeze at least every other year, or every 40,000 to 60,000 miles - whichever comes first. Dec 01, 2016 · That said, at Jiffy Lube today they tried to sell me the coolant/radiator flush, which apparently I am WELL past due. 3 rav4? 2007 2. I've only read about it recently. You want a power flush to dislodge any gunk in the core. Jiffy Lube® technicians can recommend a coolant flush to help keep your vehicle from overheating. Amount: $100. Shut off the vehicle and allow it ample time to cool down. Am I really the first person to have to replace the heater core in a 4. Many quick lube shops (such as Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube) save money by using and completely back-flushing the entire system including the heater core. At Jiffy Lube®, we offer special promotions from time to time. Remember that adding water as the in-between step will dilute the coolant that remains after initially dumping it. Anyway, they tried to scam me of course. Along with the full diagnosis and visual inspection, you get the brand new antifreeze exchanging totally for free. It's possible that then waterpump impellers are worn away, common problem. The parts will only be a fraction of that cost, running somewhere between $15 and $30 for a coolant flush. From oil changes to tire rotations, the Jiffy Lube® highly trained technicians help keep you out of the repair shop and on the road. Their prices are posted and  How to Flush a Heater Core. If that fails or the motor on it, you will never get airflow over your heater core. They took the oil, but said they wouldn’t take the coolant. All automotive repair and mechanic services at AVLube Inc. Find a Jiffy Lube® near you to have your cooling system checked by one of our An antifreeze/coolant flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent  They then tried to pressure her into a radiator flush and change her transmission fluid to which Went back to talk to the manager, he said it was my heater core. After the work was done I noticed I had only cool air coming out of the vents. Midas stores are owned and operated by families in your community dedicated to providing high quality auto repair service at a fair price. Their coolant "change" should not cost $130, and it took all of 10 minutes. A Jiffy Lube® coolant service starts with an examination of your radiator and engine cooling system. How much is a jiffy lube oil change? It cost me $195 at J Lube just to ruin my heater core (long story- they put in bars leak) because of the extras they upsell you on. Jun 30, 2016 · If your car’s heater doesn’t seem to be working too well, it might be time to flush it out. It has 176k miles on it truck runs great I had them do a fully synthetic oil change, since I was already there and in a hurry I changed the air filter and then they told me the rear differential fluid needs to be replaced. Thee is a lot of fluid to replace to do a full trans flush, and if you haven't fixed the problem you're just throwing that cash away. Why? If Minekee or Jiffy-Lube were to do that, it would cost a load more than hooking up their trans flush machine. That said, at Jiffy Lube today they tried to sell me the coolant/radiator flush, which apparently I am WELL past due. We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Palmdale, CA, Lancaster, CA, Quartz Hill, CA, and surrounding areas. There's also a door in the vent system that will direct the airflow over the heater core. The car was running fine. When you do a engine flush, again you need to isolate the heater core and the radiator to prevent the crud in the engine from settling in the cores. Expect to pay $40-$200 to have a radiator flushed, depending on the age, make and model of the vehicle; the recommended type and amount of coolant needed; and whether the work is done by a standard tire, muffler, oil-and-lube or auto repair shop, or by a To me, a coolant flush involves removing the heater hoses as well, and running water both directions to the heater core and the same with all the coolant passages within the engine and radiator. convenient but lots of trouble down the road. I will say that the flush is BS, wasn’t needed, and was a waste of money. Mar 22, 2018 · We think he has a clogged heater core. Will a coolant flush done at Jiffy Lube also flush out my heater core? I think my heater core is clogged. Thanks again everyone Dec 28, 2012 · Many thanks in advance. He took it to mechanic and there was a small pipe leaking he fixed that but is puzz A list of the many repairs that the local mechanic can perform along with their prices. Approximately 4 liters of coolant will drain when removing the lower radiator hose. Get free custom quotes, customer reviews, prices, contact details, opening hours from Savage, MN based businesses with Oil Change Service Station keyword. com Forums Advertise with ProbeTalk - click here to find out how! Radiator — an auto radiator has a set of tubes called the "core" that the coolant flows through. My question is can I cut the lines so I can flush the front heater core and replace the tee with a brass tee fitting. They have tried to flush it, to no avail. With the radiator and reservoir drained, pour BAR’S LEAKS technology is proudly made in the USA. We don’t know the maintenance history or anything else about this car, and we don’t know the level of incompetence of the Jiffy Lube. Dec 28, 2012 · Many thanks in advance. Firestone Complete Auto Care radiator repair, coolant flush & engine cooling system services by certified experts. Their procedure does NOT mention that some vehicles have a bolt on the engine that needs to be loosened to bleed the air. It'll help you backflush your cooling system and install new antifreeze/coolant in mere minutes. If you're experiencing radiator problems, don't hesitate to bring your car into your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care store for radiator repair services. So, why would your vehicle possibly need a Cooling System Flush now? The Cooling System works year-round, in the cold and the heat, to keep the engine operating at a consistent temperature and ensure peak efficiency. Might be a blend door. I wasn't given a report of findings on what they found, and paid 91. maynot be the cause , but , I'd take your vehicle back too whomever did the flush and have them check your cooling system . In most shops the shop water hose that pulls down from the ceiling does I would add that if you use a Flush-n-Fill kit, that cuts into a heater core hose, you should replace that hose as one of the final steps. Radiator cap — there has to be a place to pour in coolant and the radiator cap covers that filling hole. Backflush kit (this can be purchased at an auto parts store) Backflushing your car’s coolant system is an important step when servicing your car’s coolant system. The machine reverse flushes your coolant through the engine and the heater core and then recovers the hazardous, contaminated coolant for disposal. Then one of the techs came out and said he would take it to use in his truck. also belt tensioner squeaking and hood wont stay up bothof which… Dec 11, 2019 · How to Flush Your Radiator and Cooling System. Maybe called vent selector or something like that. Some cars will have the heater core fairly accessible under the glove box after it is removed. While others will sell you on a potentially costly heater core replacement right off the bat we will try to save you money by flushing a clogged heater core or correcting a control problem. can i do that myself or is it soo complicated and messy that i should take it to a pep boys or a jiffy lube? As stated above, I'd flush the heater core (both directions) and throw a new thermostat in there. Which means you’re more than a customer, you’re our neighbor. So, I had the local Jiffy lube do my oil change today. Source: Jiffy Lube such as radiators, heater cores, hoses, coolant pipes, water pumps and gaskets,” Kauffeld says. i have noticed my rez getting a bit empty, but no pooling of fluid on the floor so i assume i did have a good bit of air i'll have to give it a go. I was only considering Jiffy Lube because I thought that a flush machine is needed and that's not something you can do at home unless you're just doing a simpled drain and fill. Engine coolant travels from the water pump through a hose and through the heater core, which resembles a small radiator. _____ Dec 15, 2010 · IF , this valve fails to open hot coolant will not reach the heater core and you won't receive any warm air . You want to follow that up with a flush in case you loosen any crud that could flow into the rest of the cooling system (that's probably what your mechanic is worried about). If I revved the engine really high it would cool off and A heater core is part of an automobile cooling system, which keeps the engine from overheating. If your car has a copper radiator or heater core, the coolant is contaminated with lead solder. An antifreeze/coolant flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system corrosion. i work at a hyundai dealer and they charge 99. They were all leak free. Engine Oil Changing the vehicle’s oil is not only a good idea but also a crucial part of ensuring that the car runs properly. The manager of a Twin Cities Jiffy Lube performed a coolant flush on my vehicle. Always will be. Out of curiosity, what's your temp gauge on the dash doing? Otherwise stated, does it get up to running temp within a few minutes of driving? As stated above, I'd flush the heater core (both directions) and throw a new thermostat in there. The I went for an oil change at jiffy lube and was suggested a radiator flush and also my fluid level was low. mix up your antifreeze about 60% antifreeze 40% water to make up for the extra water left in your block and heater core. When replacing coolant the complete system flush must be performed before using the replacement coolant. Some of these promotions help organizations and charities throughout the country or in your community, and all of them help your pocketbook. The senior man said hes has 30 years experience but in doing what?, who knows??, After i left, i had to manually clean the heater core, plus the lines to it, and now i have heat. The Best Coolant Flush Machine In The World Find Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Jiffy Lube® locations. It is possible that over the summer while not using the heater it may have become blocked, leaving you with only cold air. Engine gets warm but hardly any warmth coming from the vents(i live in south dakota and it, of course, gets stupid cold here). Apr 09, 2006 · i had this done to my car by jiffy lube a while back, and come to think of it my detonation started either at that time or not long after i think i might give this a go and see if i can bleed more air out. To flush my cooling system, I remove the drainplugs in the block just to the inside of the motor mounts, and put a hose in the radiator turned on full flow, then start the engine and let it run for 10 or 15 minutes with the heater on high so the entire radiator, block and heater core get flushed out. I just recently got a oil changed at Ford dealership. An air intake system is responsible for generating the proper amount of air from the air filter box to the engine where it mixes with fuel to power the engine. Find more Jiffy Lube discounts on transmission fluid service, radiator antifreeze / coolant flush, fuel injector cleaning, and cabin air filter replacement. Antifreeze is a critical fluid in the Cooling System. Call around and ask. The capacity will be listed in the owners manual. Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange. Username or Email Address Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Also, Might wanna put your hand on the heater box under your dash, If its warm your heater core might not be bad. Take the necessary steps to help prevent injuries, always use protective gear like. If it loses color or becomes contaminated, drain, flush, and replace with fresh properly mixed coolant solution. So, I would take it in rather than wasting money on a DIY trans flush. usually by the time I hit the main road on my way to work I have to turn the heat down, but on Monday I noticed I was half way to work and still cold. That is not good to do at all. Call some shops in the yellow pages until you find one that does a power flush. Any recommendations for a good place to go for a coolant flush for my 05 Mazda 3? as opposed to jiffy lube or other such places. I need to have my engine coolant flushed soon, but I am not experienced enough to do it myself and the closest vw dealer is almost 2 hours from where I live. And I need to flush it out. This Prestone antifreeze flush and fill kit is suitable for use in most cars, light trucks and SUVs. Whether or not they messed something up while doing it, who knows? Stop going to Jiffy Lube. Read how to flush a radiator from the auto service experts at Valvoline. I took some oil and coolant to another auto repair shop last week. Then turn the truck off and let all the water drain. I have tried flushing out my heater Sep 30, 2009 · Take it to somebody you trust to do that since we went to Jiffy Lube once and they broke a hose and fixed it with something that resembled chewed bubble gum. I took our truck (our only vehicle) to Jiffy Lube and I got the lube job! I went in for a Oil Change and a Winterization (Radiator Flush). I'm guessing the Jiffy Lube power flush moved and then got the gunk stuck in the core. LUBE, OIL, & FILTER CHANGE. Jiffy Lube was founded in 1979 when it introduced the first drive-through service bay, making it easier for customers to get their oil changed quickly. But the truth is, as long as you flush the heater core well, you have very little to lose by trying. Jun 20, 2007 Every two years you flushed your out your old coolant and replaced it with new as Car Talk, Jiffy Lube, the back of anti-freeze containers, and other sources. May 17, 2013 · Try a flush first on plugged heater core. From transmission flushes and filter changes to gearbox services and fuel filters, we can make sure your vehicle is kept up with its preventative maintenance schedule. A Flush and Refill is a good time to replace all the hoses anyway. 9% of my own maintenance and about 85-90% of the repairs so it's not like Jiffy Lube was ever going to get any of my business however my daughter has since graduated from college and moved out of state. Wow, some people think those jiffy lube types of places use distilled water? Surrrrrrrrre they do. Find your nearest service center now. So your coolant might not freeze, but you might end up losing the heater core or the radiator due to rust. Their advice was to flush out the transmission fluid and power steering and brake fluids. Nov 13, 2003 · Mercury Sable Heating Problem. Amarillo Oil change coupons and locations. Gonna flush them before I change them. Engine oil intention is to keep the components within the car’s engine cool and lubricated. Thanks again everyone I could not find where the leak was starting. And by pulling the plug all your doing is draining your radiator. At Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change, we do more than just change oil. Quick, compact, and efficient. Always has been. They only perform a coolant swap. I guess what I'm looking for  Dec 14, 2016 I had the engine, radiator and heater core flushed by Jiffy lube ($90. You can Leave Worry Behind® fast when you know exactly where you can get your vehicle serviced — quickly, professionally and fixed right the first time by trained technicians you can trust. As air passes through the fins, the coolant releases its heat to the fins, which dissipate the heat. The "labour" includes a machine and some equipment. For heavily corroded or high mileage vehicles, consider removing the hoses from your radiator and heater core and using a spray nozzle on a hose to inject high pressure water through the heater core, engine block and radiator. If your radiator needs repair, look to AVLube Inc. Aug 14, 2009 · I went to my local Jiffy Lube for a coolant flush. Yes there will be water left in the block, the heater core (remember to have the heat on when you flush) and hoses but there should be enough room to add the proper amount of AF for a 50/50 mix. This will extend the life of your water pump, heater core & radiator, will meet or exceed your factory warranty requirements, and will reduce or eliminate potential repair costs. To see if your heater core is allowing a flow of coolant through it ,all you need to do is warm it up to operating temperature and feel the two heater hoses, if they are both warm you are getting flow through your heater core, and you RADIATOR REPAIR. 00 to over $100 so it is often worthwhile to shop around for the best Just an FYI to anyone out there. He says any attempt to unclog it by shooting air through it would cause damage to Do Jiffy Lube coolant power flush machine's get all the fluid out of the radiator? Find answers now! will heater valves be open to flush heater core as well, or Nov 14, 2010 · coolant flush radiator. Dec 12, 2005 · on a similar note, we had someone come in asking for a brake eval because they had a soft pedal. Here we are, smack dab in the middle of winter. my engine coolant is litteraly brown syrup, and my radiator is full of it. Benefits of Radiator & Cooling System Service. In our DIY example (02 X5 3. Visit your local Jiffy Lube service center for more info. Our mechanic says the heater in our 2000 Ford Focus sedan is clogged. A Cooling System Service using Valvoline™ Professional Series Cooling System products: I have no heat rear and just warm front went to Jiffy Lube for them to flush system still the same. The combination of highly trained technicians and the same vehicle information as your dealer means you always get the quality service you need to keep your ride running. Thanks in advance! Jun 12, 2013 · Should I Flush The Automatic Transmission Fluid. We also perform warranty maintenance and services. 4 awd base with 127k miles. I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban 4wd, went to Jiffy Lube had oil change, fuel filter and cooling system flush. List of the best Oil Change Service Station in Savage, MN. Flushing your radiator has various benefits, including: But this is flushing your heater core, and block and coolant hoses. 17 reviews of Jiffy Lube "I have never gotten my oil changed before, but with 8000 miles on my leased vehicle, I figured there is a first time for everything. How often should you flush out your radiator? Annually is best. I got it changed there a few months ago and shortly thereafter my car started to overheat and the heater stopped working. If it does need to be replaced we are familiar with even the most complicated heater core 2002 accord V6 sedan. Jiffy Lube Drive for Education: Select Billings schools are partnering with Jiffy Lube of Billings! Receive $10 off a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change, and give back to your school at the same time. i cringe everytime i drive it hurting my baby like that. jiffy lube heater core flush